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    [size=+2]Dream Catchers are from Native American lore; they trap bad dreams and let the good dreams filter down to the sleeper.

    For each dream catcher you will need:
    • a bendable twig about 1 foot long
    • a few inches of thin wire
    • some twine
    • beads with large holes
    • a few feathers
    Use thin wire to tie the ends of a twig together to make a hoop.Make a hoop from a twig. To do this, wrap a short length of thin wire around the overlapping ends.[​IMG]Cut a few feet of twine. Tie one end of the twine to the twig hoop. String a few beads onto the twine and push the beads toward the tied end. Wrap the twine around the other side of the hoop.[​IMG]String a few more beads on the twine and then wrap the twine around the far side of the hoop. Repeat until you have an interesting webbing design.[​IMG]Tie a short length of twine on the hoop. String a bead or two on it and then tie a feather onto the end. Repeat this a few times (2 or 3 hanging feather strings look nice). Hang the dream catcher near your bed!

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