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  1. soink

    soink Member

    what does this term really mean, some of my freinds have been saying im etarded lately, i dont get it, am i acting differntly after poping so much e but im under pyschosis and dont relize i've changed, what are the personality effects of being an e-tard?
  2. pickin_wildflowers

    pickin_wildflowers Senior Member

    I had been labelled that in that past as well >_>. It basically just means you're whoring the E to yourself... just getting hooked on it, doing a lot, maybe becoming sort of a sketchbag you're not noticing. Basically an E-junkie. Don't listen to them, I found out who alot of my true friends are in an E-binge, no regrets.
  3. dont listen to them? why the hell not? maybe you are.
  4. Radiation

    Radiation Ruling the Nation


    E goood.

    But, yeah. An E-tard is someone who does way too much E. That's all...
  5. pickin_wildflowers

    pickin_wildflowers Senior Member

    trippedelia and insane jester.... just no >_>...
  6. pickin_wildflowers

    pickin_wildflowers Senior Member

    not at all... you're just wrong... trust me. thank you and good day my ignorant love.
  7. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    hehe i love etards. i always thought it was someone (i always thought of a kandi kid) who had done so much ecstacy, they were permanently loopy and sweet and giggly and in love with colors, constantly carrying around a stuffed animals. i have some etard friends, they are just adorable, and mostly boys which makes it twice as awesome.
  8. i do not think we are the ones being ignorant, we are not the ones saying we are totally right without a doubt. what do you think one is? i consider it to be someone that doesnt care about anything but a chemical and the effects of it. that they have the illusion that life is no "fun" without it, people do this with all kinds of chemicals, i think of etards as the same thing as a pothead, just a different drug. if someone is getting told they are like this, maybe they need to step back and see if they really are. "not listening to them" is much more ignorant.
  9. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    (VERB) Derived from the word retard, an etarded person is someone who has slowed down intellectually, often permanately, from the effects of Ecstasy (MDMA).
  10. polymer

    polymer Senior Member

    e-tard is a term that has been used in the old rave scene for a long time, to describe people who take WAAYYY too much E. They look, well, retarded while under the influence, and are slower than before taking E.

    They're the jaded fools who didn't consider the repercussions of their hedonistic actions.
  11. KParker730

    KParker730 Member

    haha obviously it has different meanings different places
  12. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    lol yea but the original meaning is what polymer is saying. The meaning of a slang word gets distorted after a while.
  13. That is what I know the term etarded to be.

    Perhaps the orginal poster needs to take a break, and let his mind heal.

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    I dont understand how there is confusion over what this slang means lol. Etard, retard, one is mentally handicapped, the other is mentally handicapped. What is so difficult here?
  15. baloon

    baloon Member

    it is due to the harshness of the word retard that people tend to sweeten the term etard, and thats why there is so much confusion in this thread

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    Thank you for answering that question, but now onto a more serious question: Why are some people here so stupid?
  17. baloon

    baloon Member

    some people here are very young, they do not lack mental capacity but life experiences.
    some people also might be affected by their long term addictions
    some people can talk better than they write
    some people ... I dont even know, why bother?

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    LOL I know I know. It was only a joke. Well, not really, but Ididnt expect a real answer!
  19. yeah i really hope my friend slows down a bit on the pills though im much more worried about the amount of base he does, though at the moment only at raves thankfully.
    god that drug is dirty.
  20. baloon

    baloon Member

    lol.. you got me there

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