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    so it turns out i have mild dysplasia.

    has anyone else had this, or does anyone currently have it? if you dont want to post, pm me, i would LOVE to talk with someone about this.

    based on what i've read, i'm pretty damn freaked out about it. my doc says that a lot of the time, it heals itself, but she wants to schedule a colposcopy in march... does anyone have any suggestions to help my body out with this? some good foods, vitamins, herbs, teas???

    since it's mild, the doc says its likely to heal itself, but she wants to do a colposcopy anyway... i've done some research and a lot of docs recommend getting another pap done in a few months, and then get the colposcopy if it shows up again. what did you do? what happened?

    i know step one is to stop smoking cigarettes. when i'm freaked out about it, i'll light a cigarette, but otherwise i'm really trying to cut back and then quit asap. it's just hard to try to not smoke, when you're nervous and angry. god, i'm fucking scared.
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  3. kindwoman

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    I've had dysplasia twice now & I don't know why. If you'd like to PM me and talk about it, feel free. I've had two different types of surgery to get rid of it, and it sucks big time. :(
  4. lawngirl

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    nimh, thanks for those links! :) the first one is especially helpful, and i'm going to try some of the things they suggest, like green tea and folic acid. i was at the bookstore today, and looked for the book in your second link, but the bookstore was severly lacking in women's health books... apparently the only health issues facing women are menopause and pregnancy, haha. i'm gonna try another bookstore or order it online... based on the first link, i'd definitely trust a book you recommend.

    and kindwoman, i took you up on your offer and sent you a pm. having gone through two surgeries for this makes you one strong lady! i really appriciate what you have to say... thank you :D

    thanks again, ladies, you're all wonderful people!
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  6. lawngirl

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    it basically means that there are abnormal changes in the cells on the cervix. it's usually caused by hpv, but there are a lot of other things that can cause it, too, like smoking. i don't know the cause of mine yet. there are no symptoms. it can heal itself, or it can turn into cervical cancer.
  7. lawngirl

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  8. nimh

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    i subscribe to all kinds of health newsletters. i just got one that mentioned indole-3-carbinol in relation to cancers, specifically cervical, breast, colon, protate, etc cancers. this compound is found in broccoli. anyways, in the study that they did, indole-3-carbinol made cervical cancer go into complete remission in 12 weeks! that's way better than standard chemo/radiation treatment.


    you can look at some of the studies on google scholar. ^^
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    ahh wow! thank you so much! :D that that really takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders. broccoli is much better than the crazy treatments they might try to put me through. i'm going to start eating massive amounts of it.. along with kale and colliflour. i've done decently so far, with smoking... i was at about a pack a day, but i haven't had one in 24 hrs (i'm stubborn, i hope i can stick with it)! i think i'll take Really good care of myself for a little while, hope i heal, then get another pap done.. cause maybe i can heal myself before they enact their wild ideas of biopsys and punching holes in my cervix...
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    take care of yourself, you probably would want to be seen by a naturopath who has experience with this sort of thing as well!! there are probably lots of things that you can do to heal your own body.

    ps, i dont know if the indole-3-carbinol found naturally in broccoli is concentrated enough to do what they found in the studies. in all of the studies that i've looked at, they were using a standardized form of indole-3-carbinol.

    disclaimer~please dont take what i'm saying as medical advice to follow!! i'm just some chick sitting at a computer telling you about information that i know. :D

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