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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by ninjaGear, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. ninjaGear

    ninjaGear Member

    does anyone know anything about the long term effects of dxm.

    i really need to talk to someone about this but nobody seems to know anything. i need to talk to an expert.

    please help if you can.

  2. airforcedrew

    airforcedrew Banned

    How are you taking it, Pure? Or are you resorting to drinking robotussin, taking coriciden HPB, Mucinex D?
    "Coricidin Cough and Cold Warning: One of the most common products used as a source of DXM is Coricidin Cough and Cold. This product also contains CPM which can be dangerous at high doses. Most of the hospitalizations and health problems we hear about are as a result of the use of Coricidin C&C.

    Acetaminophen Warning: DXM products containing acetaminophen should not be used recreationally. High doses of acetaminophen can be fatal.

    DXM products containing other medicines can be harmful if taken in doses above the recommended limits. Dangerous interactions can occur."

    Any other questions check this:
  3. akbal

    akbal Member

    The reason nobody seems to know about the long term effects of DXM is that no long term effects have been observed (at least in humans). The rumors of lesions in the brain are... well, rumors. Of course, heavy use will cause some problems, but quiting for a month or two seems to put an end to those. Frequent dexxers should definitely be sure to take plenty of vitamins to help out the liver. Just because no long-term effects have been noted, that doesn't mean they couldn't possibly exist. It's a risk, as with most research chemicals, you must choose to accept if you wish to have the DXM experience on a regular basis.
  4. Sycth

    Sycth Member

    go on a 2 month binge and see them yourself and beleave me they're there
  5. juggla

    juggla Member

    ive been doing dxm alot and i know a bunch about it, while its true not much is known about long term effects of it, it is assumed by most to be like its dissacociative cousins ketamine and pcp. i wouldnt be worried about occasioal dxm use, like once or twice a month. but long term abuse of it does cause some cognitive problems such as difficulty learning and also causes severe depression, but the good side to this is when users quit abusing dxm they return to there normal state of mind in like a month after being clean. the worst thing that could happen, even though this is only proven to happen in lab animals, is that dissacociative drugs which dxm is can cause brain lessions when chronically abused. the lessions are called olney lessions which can cause permant damage to your sense of perception and ability to learn, again i want to say theres never been a documented case in humans only lab animals given huge amounts of dissacociative drugs over extended periods of time, but it is assumed they can occur in humans. Occasionally even after infrequent use, like once or twice, people find their thought process a little hazy, this usually lasts for like a week, if you feel 'out of it' for longer than a week after only minimal dxm use, it proberly means the dxm trip uncovered some dormant psycological problem in you, and you should seek thearapy preferbly from a thearapist who has professional experience with disacociative drug use.
  6. difficulty urinating is definatly a sign of to frequent abuse... ive read it on here a few times and experienced it first hand. the problem goes away after awhile but still.. if youve ever had a catheter put in your dick youd stop fooling around with dxm pretty abruptly.
  7. Sycth

    Sycth Member

    when we all used to use dxm alot some people would think they would have to piss and then they couldnt but they thought they did really bad.. it would last the whole trip. im pretty sure its just all in your head b/c your tripping even though its happen to me once b4
  8. akbal

    akbal Member

    I would like to point out again that with the exception of Olney's Lesions, which have not been proven to occur in humans, there are no observed "long-term effects." All of these symptoms listed above are caused by repeated abuse of a substance over a long period of time, and they all go away when you quit abusing. These are effects caused by long-term use, not long-term effects (yes, they are distinctly different). The simple way to avoid these problems is to be responsible in your use. When you abuse DXM (taking more than the recommended dosage) you are basically poisoning your body (as with any drug abuse). Make sure you eat healthy foods and take vitamins (at least something for your liver). Get some kind of exercise. And limit your trips. It's as simple as that. If you repeatedly poison your body you are going to get sick. The longer you poison your body the longer it will take to recover.

    I don't think its fair to say that DXM is worse than any other drug. Just as you shouldn't take a drug thinking that it couldn't possibly hurt you, you shouldn't not take a drug based on a couple of people's bad experiences when so many others have had wonderful experiences.
  9. scythe i wasnt referring to just when youre tripping... myself and buddies were dexing 2-3 times a week for a few months and we all noticed that we had difficulty pissing even when not on dxm. definatly not in the head when you havent done drugs recently and youre standing in front of the toilet needing to piss and after a few mins that feel like an hour you start to dribble some out.. then stop.. then dribble more out. after no dxm use for about a month everything was back to normal though.

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