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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by OhMyGawdzz, May 15, 2013.

  1. OhMyGawdzz

    OhMyGawdzz Guest

    Hey folks iv been lurking around the forum for a few days now and reading up on alot of stuff, particularly psychedelics, so i thought i'd join up and hopefully you can help me a little here.

    A few months ago i went to Amsterdam and took a shit load of truffles and loved it, this was my first experience of using psychedelics, previously i'd only smoked weed, and iv been dying to try more ever since but unfortunately i live in a shithole and we dont exactly have the widest variety of highs to enjoy so im thinkin of resorting to legal highs, if they work..they work

    Iv read up on DXM and really wana try it but i still dont understand dosage and shit, basically im 158lbs, i think thats around 70-80kg, so can someone tell me how much i'd need to take to get to around the high end of the 2nd plateau? Also is there anywhere online that you'd reccommend that sells 100% DXM? so i dont end up mixing and having an aneurysm or something lol

    Also i read abit about morning glory seeds and wana try them aswell, i googled 'morning glory seeds online' and amazon came up..3000 seeds for $3...surely thats not right? Are these the right seeds and if so can someone help me out with the dosage amount for a good trip?

    Any other good legal/easy to get highs are welcome aswell, thanks

    tldr: i weigh 160lbs and need help with dosage of dxm and morning glory seeds
  2. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    you damn sure can get shit on amazon.com that fuckin cheap, I've gotten 500ml pyrex boiling flasks and shit for like 5 bucks for real.

    I would try dxm and morning glory seeds separately at first and get a good feel for both before mixing the both, especially two things that each on their own can make you feel pretty sick, and have to hug the toilet for a while maybe.

    Try a 4oz bottle of cough syrup (354mg) or one bottle (20 pills) of the robitussin gelcaps. You want robitussin long acting adult cough syrup or a store brand equivalent...JUST MAKE DAMN SURE YOU READ THE BACK AND MAKE SURE THE ONLY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS ARE DXM HYDROBROMIDE (15MG/ML). Pretty much every pharmacy has this shit, and their own store brand equivalents of it (one CVS in my neighborhood is always "sold out" of the store brand, so you have to buy the name brand, but when you open the box its actually the store brand syrup, cuz the bottles have been switched out and packaged back up :-(...bs)

    Rite-Aid brand cough syrup seems the easiest to drink, its thinner and cheaper, just don't drink it from the cough syrup bottle directly, pour it in a regular glass, hold ur nose and chug it down as fast as you can without even thinkin', then chase it with something good, even water helps, then you can let go of ur nose. Go brush ur teeth if you cant get the cough syrup taste out of ur mouth. You might wanna try a lower dose like 100mg ur first time, just to make sure your not someone predisposed to be extremely hypersensitive to dxm
  3. OhMyGawdzz

    OhMyGawdzz Guest

    i think i might take a walk to the pharmacy tomorrow and have a browse lol thanks mate, also i didnt mention incase it helps i live in Belfast (UK/Ireland) so american brands etc may not be available.

    i just found a shit ton of good stuff on ebay, 100 hawian baby woodrose seeds for £7, iv tried them before and that is such good quality at £7, i think i paid £10 for like 5 back in the day.

    also i have no intention of trying these together/mixing, im asking about dxm and morning glory seeds seperately, im more particularly interested in dxm tho, preferably pills as im a bitch and hate drinking medicine
  4. chadcr01

    chadcr01 Senior Member

    It depends what type of experience you're looking for.

    Really I would say this is no question at all; you should go the Argyreia route in my opinion, and simply tailor the dose in proportion to your set & setting and what type of experience you are looking for. Nix the DXM completely is the best advice I can give.

    You mentioned your only previous experience with psychedelics was with the sclerotia (truffles) and that you greatly enjoyed this experience; this leads me to believe that you're going to enjoy the various species of Argyreia better than DXM. Mushrooms and morning glories both belong to the indole alkaloid family of psychedelics, and therefore they tend to exhibit similarities in spectrum of effects... of course each chem is unique and has its own properties, effects and character, but we know from countless thousands of anecdotal and clinical case studies that these two compounds (LSA and Psilocybin) would both elicit the classic components of psychedelia that I think you are searching for; ego dissolution, euphoria, self-examination, a sense of contact with the sacred/profound, boundary dissolution, psycho-social examination, etc.

    What I mean here is that you're going to get the more classical psychedelic effects (like what you experienced during your truffle trip) from the Argyreia species as opposed to DXM which will elicit more dissosciative, confusing, motor and cognitive impairing effects. From how I understand it (and most anecdotal reports I've come across seem to agree), there is no real profound sense of the divine/sacred nature of being with DXM, no real sense of boundary dissolution (unless you include confusion in that category), no intense and rigorous examination of self, etc. Dose high enough with DXM and some say you can get it into the "full blown psychedelic" range, but you don't want to be doing that... pushing it that far is dangerous and potentially hepatotoxic and neurotoxic; the safety profile of DXM is not very good. The fact that you cannot have a truly breakthrough experience except on dangerously high (potentially toxic) doses of DXM is a good indicator that this is not a good or even benign compound to be messing around with.

    Here's a brief run down of my personal comparison of the two:

    Argyreia Nervosa (morning glories and related sub-species like HBWR, etc); typical full blown psychedelic effects, moderate to strong euphoria, sense of spiritual connection or contact with the divine, synesthesia, visual distortions (fractals, tracers, blending, etc), confrontation of buried/suppressed traumas, inter-personal relationships, and emotional/mental states, CNS arousal (including sexual arousal), general boundary dissolution, ego dissolution (up to and including ego death; dose dependent), time distortion, potentially uncontrollable fits of laughter/giddiness, etc

    Dextromethorphan; disassociation, impairment/loss of motor control, light to moderate euphoria, mild confusion or other slight cognitive impairment, visual distortion (not the typical psychedelic visuals of fractals and tracers, but instead more along the lines of Diplopia, "strobing", etc), maybe some tactile distortion, possibly giddiness, and so on and so forth.

    Long story short: Ditch the DXM, go with the Morning Glory if you want a trip that has a similar range of effects to that of your mushroom trip. Keep in mind DXM is much more toxic and very hard on the body, is likely to cause more negative effects like abdominal pain (possibly from stress on the liver), and can leave uncomfortable or downright nasty after-effects depending on the dose and frequency of use. Also important to note: retail stores will spray their morning glory seeds with chemicals which will make you sick in an attempt to discourage use of these seeds. From what I understand, these chemicals will make you throw up and cause abdominal pain/cramping. Nausea is a side effect of LSA to begin with, so you don't want to magnify this. Try to search online for a company that specifically sells untreated seeds...
  5. midgeimus

    midgeimus Guest


    you can buy truffles from here fella, i bought sum and they arrived in three days i live in france but they deliver to the uk and ireland!! im going to get on em with the frenchies this weekend!! ill report back on potencey!
  6. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    Oh god.

    I have no energy to combat this dangerous stupid. And I suppose that's okay, because if I comb through and find every bit of stupid and answer it, it can't help in the long run, because all this info is widely and freely available..... thousands have said it all, what would change if I did too? Stupid is as stupid does, and this stupid is on the fast track to dead.
  7. Mr.Writer

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    Before you go putting in your credit card number, you should do REAL research.


    read as much as you can. 'i dont understand dosage and shit' is NOT acceptable if you are looking to put drugs in your body. learn the basics. learn how to convert lbs -> kg . . . you can google it :)
  8. unfocusedanakin

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    The other ingredients in medicine containing DXM can harm you. I know in the USA you can find stuff that is only DXM, not sure about Europe. They also might not sell it you if your a minor. Be prepared for the store clerk to know what is up. But it is legal to buy, so they can not do anything.
    It's not a nice high IMO, did it a few times when I was new to drugs and had no desire to go back. If you want to go the dissociative route (like DXM) ketamine would be a better choice. You should be able to find that in the UK. But even K can harm you with consistent use.

    There are many safer legal highs and as others have said Erowid is your friend.

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