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    I picked up some dumpling pastry, (comes in those thing pre-cut circles)

    You can put just about anything in them and a lil filling goes a long way!

    My first creation was just anything i could find in my fridge consisting of:

    grilled pineapple
    goat cheese
    garlic hummus

    I chopped the pineapple & zuchinni as small as possible and mixed it in a bowl with a small amount of goat cheese and rosemary. ( you only need a few rosemary stems, very potent stuff!)

    Lay your pastry out and spread some garlic hummus in the middles and than add a dollop of your mixture in each circle. Dab your finger in water an wet the circumfrance of the pastry. Fold over pastry, make sure you get all the air out, and pinch the edge into a ruffle to keep it tight.

    Heat a frying pan (med high) with olive oil and place your dumplings so the ruffled edge is facing upwards. Cook until the bottoms are lightly brown and than add half a cup of water to your pan and place a lid on your dumplings. Turn the heat down and after about 1-2 minutes check to see if your dumplings are steamed enough. Take out any excess water and serve!

    a good dip i used was whole yogurt, some spinach and lots of garlic blended together!

    You could also use home made hummus or eat them on their own!


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