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    I was reading someones post about how he lvoes everything when hes high n shit, and is this common? i used to love everything and everyone but now somtimes things just get akward and weird when i smoke and i dont love everything, i just lie down and not feel good....so i quit. I HATE NOT HAVING FUN WHEN I SMOKE ANYMORE WTF IS WRONG WITH ME
  2. Twan69

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    yeah and i also get really into myself, and im usually a really big "extrovert" if you know your phsych. that shit changes once i smoke somtimes. it blows. Makes me feel like ive got so many problems to work through
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    Peace In complete harmony.

    Pot has a different affect on everyone. Try changing your environment.
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    it used to be a lot of fun and i would just phase out and chill and laugh. Now its just so anxious and annoying. ive heard of people expirienceing this, just nto solving it. ive smoked everywhere dude wherever i am lately it blows...maybe im just bored of the same places all the time and my mind thinks of other things tod o? how does that explain random depression now that im off weed though? Maybe withdrawl symtpms?
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    :) uh.. didn't you already make this post dude? :confused: LOL

    I used to have alot of social anxiety, didn't matter if I was high or not, but I am currently overcoming it now little by little. Here's my advice:

    try taking a break from weed for a few weeks or even a month if you can hold out that long. Not only will it bring down your tolerance but it will bring you back to reality for a while and change your perception. Get away from the weed, have a period of introspection to find out what the real problem is. If necessary take off your job for a while and have some serious thinking time. In many cases, anxiety is caused by fear of something, whether it be rejection, humilation, etc. I used to be very anxious around everyone, although I'm an introvert I was usually scared to say many things that I wanted to because of that fear. But through introspection and some psychedelic drug-induced experienced, I realized why I was so anxious all the time, I found that fear, and now that I understand where it was coming from and why.... I feel so much better as a person, I don't feel repressed, I can express myself freely. I still toke up all the time, weed is not a problem for me, but it may be for you, maybe you need to stop smoking altogether. Either way, you should definitely take a break, I mean, why smoke if it's making you so sad??

    Just remember, that it's going to take time, and it's not going to happen at once, but slowly but surely you can beat this. See a therapist if you need to. I used to see one, but I found out that the only person to help me was myself. Always keep a positive attitude, negative thinking only causes you to get stuck in self-defeatist thought loops. Keep ya head up :D things aren't always as bad as they seem!

    Sorry if I got a little off on a tangent there, but if you believe that you can get through this, you can. Remember that this may be a necessary low point in your life so that you may come out it it with some very important knowledge and a new outlook on life.. Good Luck!

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