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    For anyone in the area who may be interested, there is a drum circle in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that meets on a monthly basis at Myrtle Beach State Park. Good people and good vibes... Here's the link:

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    Our next drum circle is going to be a special all day event. One of our members (at his personal expense) has reserved the #6 shelter for our use for the next 3 gatherings. So this Saturday June 2, will be the first of three All Day Drum Circle Celebrations!

    Since this will be an all day event, we would like to make it a "potluck" gathering. We are asking everyone to bring a covered dish (of food) to share. David will be bringing enough charcoal to keep the grill running all day. We have one folding table that we will be bringing, but if anyone else has one that they could bring, it would help out. If you are planning on bringing something with mayo (or other ingredients that may spoil if left out), you may want to consider putting it in several smaller containers so that the reserve ones could be placed in a cooler until needed.

    We will start gathering around noon and plan to drum until 9:45pm. A full day at the beach with friends, food, good conversations and of course, lots & lots of drumming!
    This is right on the ocean and the vibes are great...

    Usual info:

    What to bring: covered dish to share in the potluck, chairs or blankets, friends, musical instruments or household items that you can use as musical instruments, beverages. Please remember that the park officials frown on visible alcohol containers and prohibit glass containers. If you do decide to bring alcohol: 1) please be responsible 2) please take bottles & cans with you when you leave to recycle at home--don't place in trash by our shelter.. that makes us guilty of breaking the park laws of no alcohol/no glass in the park and we might be asked to leave!

    Please, no smoking in the shelter. We have several children, at least one pregnant woman, and many people who are allergic to smoke that attend the drum circle. Please be considerate of others.

    How to find us: We will be in the #6 picnic shelter at the Myrtle Beach State Park. The MB State Park is located on Business 17, on the south end of the city of Myrtle Beach, near the airport and the old air base. Once at the park, please stop and pay the proper admission fee at the gate house - $4.00. (Or just get an annual SC State Park pass that is good for 12 months and for an entire car load of friends. Park passes are usually available at any county library for $35.) After admission to park, proceed past the park office. The road will split off to the left, but stay straight and head towards the fishing pier and ocean. Turn right at the ocean/fishing pier and drive through the fishing pier parking lot and continue to the last picnic shelter on the right.

    Upcoming Drum Circles:
    June 2-- #6 shelter reserved for all day celebration, starting at noon

    June 30-- 4 Year Anniversary!!! #6 shelter reserved for all day celebration, starting at noon

    July 28-- #6 shelter reserved for all day celebration, starting at noon

    August 25- regular drum circle hours 6pm-9:45pm

    September 29- regular drum circle hours 6pm-9:45pm

    October 27- regular drum circle hours 6pm-9:45pm

    November & December dates are up in the air right now as they fall near holidays. We will make a determination as they draw nearer to see what day everyone wants to gather.

    Other websites: www.geocities.com/MBdrumcircle and www.MBdrumcircle.com
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    Nice man...good to see these type of gatherings ;)
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    Our last drum circle was a success…! Despite the weather… We wrapped the (very accommodating) shelter in tarps, and drummed right through a tropical storm on the beach and had a great time with food and friends…

    Our next Full Moon Drum Circle will be the Four Year Anniversary Celebration on June 30th and it will be an all day / potluck event starting at 12 noon to 9:45pm in the usual place on the beach at the Myrtle Beach State Park – shelter #6 !

    Everyone is invited! Bring drums, shakers, flutes, tambourines, bells or any musical instrument. If you don’t have an instrument just bring yourself and enjoy the vibes… Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before… If you have a heartbeat, you can drum. Just close your eyes and feel the beat and/or move your feet! Maybe one of the girls will even teach you a few belly dance moves! Join in on the drumming or sit back and meditate to the soothing rhythms!

    Admission to the park is $4.00 for adults 16 and up, $1.50 for kids 6-15 and free for kids 5 and under… Year round passes for the car-load are available at all Horry County libraries…

    Visit Us Online at:



    For More info, email:

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