Drum Circle 4/13 Saturday, Reading,PA.

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania' started by JerryWobbles, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. JerryWobbles

    JerryWobbles Member

    There will be a drum circle by RACC in reading
    It starts at 3pmish....It's in riverfront park in reading, Like I said before by RACC.....there is about 100 people so far going...Let's make some noise!!! This is along with the Reading peace kitchen...It is a potluck!!!

    Drum Circle, Hula Hoopers, Poi Spinners, Guitar Strummers....Whatever....Bring good vibes, Come dance...Sing if you wish...Forget your troubles and dance....Just come enjoy
    ...This will be a potluck, So if you can or wish, Please feel free to bring something ..but don't feel bad if you don't :) Oh and also, there will be a few extra drums and noise makers, ill bring to share.

    Any questions, Just ask


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