Drugged after birth

Discussion in 'Attachment Parenting' started by Habiba3, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Habiba3

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    Hello all. I had a beautiful pregnancy and a beautiful birth. I used Hypnobirthing and a midwife in a tub to have the most peaceful birth I could have imagined for my baby. It was wonderful.

    After giving birth and removing the placenta I was exhausted. Because I was so exhausted I blindly took a tramadol without thinking. Up until then I was drug free. .
    The tramadol made me loose touch with reAity and it made me so tired. We did skin to skin for about an hour but I was so out of it I fell asleep.

    My husband and step daughter held our baby for about the next 6 hours until the meds wore off. It wasn't until then I feel like I finally bonded with my baby.

    We are so close and so in sync now. We co sleep and EBF. I still can't help but feel guilty that I went through so much effort to bring her a peaceful birth and then I didn't bond with her until later.

    I feel really guilty and worry this may effect her.
  2. Aerianne

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    She will be fine. She felt loved by her whole family.
  3. usedtobehoney

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    Please don't worry. Your family gave her the skin to skin she needed and a few hours later is still really wonderful. Just try your best to get rid of that guilt and be there in that moment, giving her all the love you had...love heals all wounds.
  4. morrow

    morrow Visitor

    I did drug free ....only for him to be poorly...the first arms he felt, the nurses running down the hall..the next, the needles they pushed into him....today, he is a father himself...we are close....
    Dont worry...love her....thats all she wants....and you did it right...
  5. rollingalong

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    a baby doesn't ''imprint'' like a goose or other animals.....your little girl will respond to the love you are showering down on her.........the theories on early childhood trauma are just theories congrats:)

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