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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by hillucin8, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. hillucin8

    hillucin8 Member

    is there any way to fool these dogs??? or anyway to cover up the smell of drugs??? in the movie "Beverly Hills Cop" the smugglers put coke in coffee grounds to fool the dogs, does anyone know if that works or did they make it up for the movie?????

    the local police just got drug sniffing dogs in my area and i just want to be safe... thanks.
  2. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    drug sniffing dogs can smeel some drugs buried in anything.
    i have heard however if you put em in a thick liquid (shampoo, ect.) and keep that in the original bottle, the dogs wont get a whiff of it, but i would NEVER take the chance.
    my town just got a drug dog too. basically, if your just cruizing around or something, theres no way to avoid it. but i bet you could say....... get drugs across a border still.
  3. sm0key42o8

    sm0key42o8 Senior Member

    i have heard of people putting crushed red pepper in the floor boards of the car, but I think that will only work if the dogs actually gets its nose in the car on the floor-most the time the only walk em around the outside. Only thing I can thnk that would work is a vacum sealed bag???
  4. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    I heard that during WWII the jews would put some cocaine in a hankerchief and throw that over the dogs nose, apparently that would completely destroy their sense of smell.
    Did you hear that the surpreme court ruled yesterday that it is constitutional for the po-po to use drug dogs whenever the damned well pleased, this means that if you get pulled over they can fuckin wave a goddamed dog in your face until you fess up and give them the roach. what a fuckin brilliantly free country we live in!
  5. HighBlueSkies

    HighBlueSkies Member

    I heard the same thing about putting your pot inside a shampoo bottle. A girl I knew said she went through two major airports like that. Her pot inside her shampoo, which was inside her suitcase.. but they don't seem to have dogs at the airports. (at least none that I have seen). I've also heard that you can put your bag inside a jar of vaseline and that will hide the smell.

    Personally, I doubt either technique works against a dog's nose. It is very hard to fool Mother Nature. Besides, if the techniques DO work, then the cops know about it and they'll bust you for carrying shampoo. You really can't beat the system.

    Eugene - Yeah, I heard about that but thought it was just in my state only. The entire U.S. huh? It's time to immigrate out of this hateful country.
  6. Jonas

    Jonas Member

    highblueskies, i'm pretty sure that cops can't look bust you for carrying shampoo. there is nothing suspicious about that, they can't just stop you for it and empty out the bottle to find what probably won't have pot inside.
  7. tiki_god7

    tiki_god7 Member

    I've heard peanut butter works real good, like know of a guy that had it mailed inside a large tub of peanut butter. and also drier sheats. but then again the postal service might not be as strict as an airport or something
  8. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    O Hare has dogs. They were sniffing everyone's luggage as we waited outside to board two summers ago.

    Ya wanna hear something stupid. Several years ago there was a bomb threat at my kid's school. So the mentally challenged janitor, the prinicpal (who was on chruches at the time) and ONE COP "search" the entire school, by themselves, in like, 20 minutes. I am SURE it was a thourough search.

    So, I am pissed off, and I call the school to find out why BOMB sniffing dogs were not used. (I have SEEN the k9 Units in both our village and county Police squads) I am told, "Those are drug sniffing dogs." So I ask, "Why not use the Bomb Dogs?" The reply, "Neither the County or the Village has them." WHAT THE FUCK?

    If the kid in the locker next to one of my kids had 1) a bag of dope or 2) a BOMB, I would rather the BOMB be detected. But no, they are more concerned with busting Jr High pot smokers than real criminals. I was sooooooo pissed off. Yet, as of now, we still have quite a few drug dogs and NO bomb dogs.
  9. The Flow

    The Flow Member

    A friend of mine had success at the customs severals times by vacuum sealing his "special stuff" and putting that bag in a tin filled with pig´s urine and also sealed the tin. O.K., this doesn´t sound very nice, but it really seemed to trick the dogs.

    Anyway: I don´t take any responsibility for the success of this advice.
  10. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    ganja-dog-biscuts. works every time. "aw lil puppy-wuppy just wanted a biscut. is that waht you were making a fuss about? are we done officer?"
    when i grew pot, i used to store it in mason jars and then make big candles with the mason jars inside. never had an encounter with a dog though, so i dunno if it works, but it keeps the junkies away from your pot. amaybe a pit bull would work, "i dunno officer, ive never seen her like this before, she dont like your dog, im afraid that shes gonna bite me now"
  11. lostblackdog

    lostblackdog Member

    Lol.... one of these days I plan on training a black lab puppy to be a drug sniffing dog (BC bud particularly) and hopefully I can do some experiments and get back to you all. The feds are all organized and shit, so why don't we get a lil' organized and start doin our own research, like all the kind folks on erowid? I figure, if I can get three dogs, train them to chase a ball filled with some BC bud, and then get them to find it like the feds' dogs do, then maybe i can also find ways to get it around them as well, right? I'd have to keep the pot outta the house so that it didn't fuck with them too much (I'd never kick a black lab outta the house!), but maybe I can actually find an effective way around this lil' situation we have.

    I've heard that same thing about peanutbutter, and to me it makes good sense, but I just don't know man... you'd need an exacto knife and some good glue to carefully take off and seal the protective seal back on, but it's possible, no doubt man! Good luck!

  12. RoBoWaLkEr

    RoBoWaLkEr Member

    Hah, I love black labs. My dog is a black lab mixed with chow.
  13. falsereality

    falsereality Member

    wow u really make a brilliant point, that i bet the most intelligent conservative could never comeback at

    it is really absurd what our country is, ESPECIALLY with all the bullshit paranoia that bush has been putting the poor sheeple through, he could at least come up with some easy defenses. if we have things like "color code alert" then we should fork out the security to defend it
  14. kidsmoke

    kidsmoke Member

    If you want to take drugs with you on a plane take 'em in your pocket. I have never even seen dogs at ANY airport, and I have been to most of the major hubs. I always just walk right on the plane with a pocket full of whatever. How would they even know?
  15. uplink

    uplink Member

    no, no, no. Put them in your shoe. Putting them in your pocket is a horrible idea, you always want to play it on the safe side. I know a kid who has been searched with weed in his shoe (or maybe it was his sock), and they didn't find anything. Of course that would only work for very small ammounts.

    You could always stick it under your gooch. :D
  16. Crazy_P

    Crazy_P Member

    What airport do you know of that doesn't make you take off your shoes?
  17. heeh2

    heeh2 Senior Member

    i need a drug sniffing dog to find ME some drugs....

    SILVERWOLF_87 Member

    Heh heh, nicely put :D
  19. KJeezy

    KJeezy Member

    Dunno how to keep the dogs out, but on the bomb dog subject, we had many threats county-wide the last 2 years or so of my Highschool career- which ended last year. They brought in a couple cops, walked around, and would cut out whatever part of the building had the threat on it. For example, the seat in the auditorium that had a threat carved in it. Then we'd randomly see dogs with cops walking through the halls on other days. No way in hell it was for bombs. Doesn't look as good to the public when the cops stop bombs as it does drugs. To the straight eye, drugs kill their babies over years, but bombs take them out in a painless second. Plus the cops can't do anything with a bomb. They can use the drugs themselves. Kyle
  20. Stiney

    Stiney Member

    You can't fool the sniffer dogs by trying to cover the smell with another smell, not with shampoo, or wax, or peanut butter in anyways. If you smell your neighbour cooking stew, you pretty much just smell the stew, maybe you can pick out oinions or something in it. Your dog can smell the oinions, the carrots, the meat, the salt and everything else, and they can tell if there is more carrots than meat or if there is a lot of salt or just a little. Thats how there sense of smell works. If you put a bag of weed into shampoo, the sniffer dog will be able to smell the weed, and it will be able to smell all the seperate ingreidients in the shampoo that give off a smell, not just the general smell of the shampoo.

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