Drug detox products?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Legal and Security Issues' started by BeadyEye, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. BeadyEye

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    Ok so im gonna be workin on a oil refinery and will duly be piss tested. I need to know if anyone can recomend a product ill be able to take to work and consume just before the test?
    Ive smoked pretty much everyday for the last ten years so id say THC or whatever is at high levels in my piss
  2. mhammons1990

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    They sell a detox drink at most smoke shops. Its expensive. 50.00 expensive, but it works, just follow instructions.
  3. MoeBlowDro

    MoeBlowDro Guest

    Fruit pectin, or Sure Jell, you can get it at any grocery store. In the baking isle, it's used for canning. Put one packet in a 32 oz. gatorade and drink it in about 1-2 hours before your test. Make sure you piss at least once before your test. I haven't tried it yet myself, but plenty of people swear by it and smoke all the way up until the day before their test. Best of luck! C:
  4. 1r0n_0x1d3

    1r0n_0x1d3 Member

    I don't think I am trusting my freedom to fruit pectin... just me sorry.
  5. Unfortunately most "detox" products are just vitamins and stuff that make your urine look yellow again after you drink a ton of water.

    If you're getting a urine test, your best bet is to get lots of exercise and drink lots of water.

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