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Discussion in 'Let Food Be Your Medicine' started by Bilby, May 27, 2006.

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    To cut a long story short, I found my local filtered water supply is not quite as clean as it is supposed to be and talking to many locals they concur with me.
    For the time being I am buying in spring water in. There was a time I thought the idea was a bit daft, but just shows how you can change your mind.

    I made a mistake renovating years ago by painting the corrugated roof of my house with a paint that although it was water based it was not for collecting drinking water. (See my gallery) However I did not see the warning until I had already ordered in the paint. What I plan on doing is replacing the roofing iron on the back extension with some unpainted galvinised roofing iron, like good second hand stuff. As for new corrugated iron, what is commenly used these days is Zincalume. This slightly more expensive than galvanised iron, but I am concerned about about thuse of zincalume as aluminium is used in the manufacture.

    Pure water seems a pretty complicated business!
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    in the future, wars will be fought over clean drinking water, not oil

    i'm lucky here, my tap water very clean. we win awards for the purity of our water. they dont even chlorinate it. :) no flouride either.

    i've thought about the drinking rainwater thing, and i guess in some areas it would be okay. wouldnt want to do it in smoggy areas or in areas with a lot of chemtrail activity though.

    my fave though is well water~the kind where you can taste the minerals. :)
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    My city has both chlorine and flouride now :/
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    In you can drink rain water but never directly as it is no more safe today especially if you are living in a polluted city because as you know that water is known as universal solvent so on the way down it will pick up some contaminant that is consider harmful for your health. So you can collect the rain water and instead of using directly you first treat the water to make it potable.

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