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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by sped, May 4, 2007.

  1. sped

    sped Member

    Hey hey! I started my dread process just over a month ago (back combed) and theyre coming along fine I think. Anywho, I have my ball (prom) in about 7 months I think. 2 things I gotta ask you all about-
    1. Should my dreads begin to mature by then? Im a half caste asian so my hairs quite thick but at the same time its coarse and wavey.
    2. What are some dressy ways you can wear dreads? Theyre about down to my bra stap right now, or just above, and theyre layered.

    Being a muslim, I wear a head scarf to school, so many of my friends havent ever seen my hair. I also havent worn a dress since I was a mini person. So theres alot of pressure on me for the ball... Currently Im thinking a simple dress with those gloves that extend past your elbows and wearing my dreads up and having wraps in my dreads that match the dress, but I dont really know. If you guys have any pics or ideas feel free to shout out because I really have NO IDEA when it comes to hair n dresses n makeup etc...
  2. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    i've got prom tomorrow, ill post pics when i get home so you can see what i did... i have tons of dressy ideas :)
  3. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    pulling a few from the front back and letting the rest down is allways pretty, thats what i did when i was a maid of honour, (also at my prom now i come to think of it), and stick a few flowers in as well is pretty, maybe make some wire wrapps with beads too.
  4. oilymoily

    oilymoily Banned

    I had no dressy ideas for prom. just pulled them back in a messy bun... it wasn't so nice, so I took it all out later. the dancing ruins any fancy preparations, they were happier just to chill :)
  5. egle

    egle Member

    as a man im ok, The ones that can go back into a pony tail will do so, withn my rasta hair bands (lots of colour bits sticking out) and maybe sun glases on the top of my head pulling the others back, looks swish, or as swish as i can get with my mop

    iv never heard of a muslim girl with dreads, Sounds cool, So you can have them out for your prom? also I would find it anoying cos i play with me all the time, my teaches some times get anoyed with the backcombin in class,, tehe

    and dont worry, girls with dreads always look beuitiful on my opinion,,
  6. I like to tie mine up in all kinds of different ways... pig tails.. pony tails... funky braided style... half up and half down... I would say that almost anything you do with dreads makes them look hella sweet... try tying them up and adding a few delicate flowers that match your dress.... just a suggestion but i definitely wanna see pictures :)
  7. egle

    egle Member

    yea, 4sure
  8. i love the way dreads look braided. like french braided along your head. it looks sooo good. and yiou can braid ribbons and flowers and such in there. thats what im doing for my grad.
  9. sped

    sped Member

    Yeah its a bit odd. I started wearing my scarf at the beginning of highschool, but then one day i noticed that my mum n sisters no longer wear scarves, so im the only one. Im not really that practicing either, like im meant to pray 5 times a day, im lucky if i pray 5 times a year lol. But I dunno, because Ive worn the scarf since I came to that school it would be weirder if I didnt wear it. When I go to parties/raves/doofs/festivals etc, i dont wear it.

    Currently im liking the idea of sticking flowers n wraps that match my dress. maybe curling them or half up half down...
  10. Slang

    Slang Banned

    Yeah, my prom is coming up too. I was planning on pulling up some of the back ones into a ponytail and tie it up with colored ribbon and strings with beads hangin' from it.

    Wraps sound cool. =)

    Funny, just yesterday some hair stylist was wandering around school handing out her business cards for prom. She came to me, stopped and kind of hesitated. ahaha. I love my dreads.
  11. Silver Shadow

    Silver Shadow Member

    hey, you guys are inspiring me too! :D

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