"Dress code" Spankings

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by sonyajean, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. sonyajean

    sonyajean Members

    This is something that is a fairly common theme in spanking literature. A woman or girl getting spanked for improper dress, too revealing clothes. A too short skirt or shorts, or a skimpy bikini, or having her thong showing.
    Has anyone actually had that happen to her? Or used the scenario in role play ?
    No personal experience, my mom was very lenient as to how I dressed while a teen, and I would not tolerate being controlled like that in a relationship, told how I had to dress, or not allowed to wear certain clothing.
    Still, have loved getting spanked by the woman I am in a relationship with while wearing g string lingerie and swimwear! All in good fun, play and teasing.
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  2. MasseurNaturel

    MasseurNaturel Members

    This is a scenario I have used in role-play quite often with submissive friends. We'll go out typically to bars with friends dressed very revealingly, typically heels stockings suspenders mini skirt/dress showing the stocking tops & suspenders maybe some ass cheek too, low cut dress/top or see-thru. All good fun leading to spankings later, I always prefer to use a paddle than a whip.
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  3. Captain Scarlet

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    In a "Hitty" roleplay which could be Teacher-Student its not unusual for the tariff to be increased for uniform infractions . It there isn't an obvious infraction then often they are invented. The student will never win . Bit like toss of a coin- Heads I win Tails you lose .The teacher may have to think on his/her feet in the interests of keeping the roleplay running smoothly when it comes to inventing infractions . An example could be the wrong colour of knickers eg white instead of navy .
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  4. DaddysGirl

    DaddysGirl Members

    I love being given a strict dress code just to break it. Shear clothes, short skirt without panties, shirts not nearly buttoned enough...
  5. MasseurNaturel

    MasseurNaturel Members

    Now that dress code would definitely lead to a good spanking, and more.
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  6. DaddysGirl

    DaddysGirl Members

    I love teasing until someone just can't take it anymore...
  7. GamerGirl99

    GamerGirl99 Members

    I thought this would be about the dress code DURING the spanking, lol!

    The answer to that would be: naked!
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