Dreamteams for better lucid dreams

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by pantalimon, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. pantalimon

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    Dreamteams are small units of 6-7 dreamers who write their dream journals online in small private forums, discuss dreams and dreaming projects as a group. There aren't many places that offer this but I can see many people here are very intrested in dreams in some depth so I thought I'd recomend Sealife's dreamteams as the places left for new dreamers are dwindeling over there.


    The dreamteams there are organised around the Mayan 13 moons calendar and to apply you need to post in the appropraite thread in the Station Pier forum. The dreamteam members have many experienced Lucid dreamers in them as Sealife is a sister forum to LD4all, it also has a hippy feel that will suit members here. :)

    Alternatively you could set up private forums here on this forum.
  2. _CT

    _CT Member

    dreamviews ownz all luciddreaming sites out there. :p
  3. pantalimon

    pantalimon Member

    Are you Dreamviews moderating CT who's always snogging that blue woman? Dreamviews is great, I like the new structure and you and some of the mods are the best thing about it, these subjects need more irreverance (sp).

    I would not say, "it ownz all the luciddreaming sites out there" though. *cough* I look after the the best lucid site out there, dreamviews can claim what it likes forum wise though... :sunglasse

    Does dreamviews have dreamteams? I've only just found the other forum section and it seems to have teams focused on certain aspects of dreaming and the dreamviews website. I like the open source aspect of dreamviews, I think this is what will make it bigger than LD4all which dwarfs it at the moment.

    **Hi CT it is you (I clocked your partner in crime) welcome to hippy paradise, well its more of free spirit a little hedonistic a little n[size=-1]arcissistic[/size] paradise... sweeeeeeeeet**

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