Dreamt the exact same dream as my mum

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by richmond, Jan 19, 2009.

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    I awoke this morning after three very different but very vivid dreams. One of which, was identical to what my mum described dreaming 45 miles away. This has never happened before. I have looked up the meanings, but get some many different interpretations.

    I can't remember what order they are in, so in no particular order.

    Dream 1 - the shared dream.

    I was in a forrest in my car and there was water covering the ground. Still. Not completely clear, but not murky either. It was quiet and I was speaking to someone on the phone and driving (or more floating) through the water on what seemed like a predetermined path. The next thing I remember is the water being a bit more hurried, like gentle rapids - there were tree's everywhere, but my car effortlessly followed the water.
    - This was the dream my mum said. I only said I have a dream in the forrest and she filled in the details of her dream so I know she was not lying.

    Dream 2

    I was driving on a motor bike down a straight road. I then feel hands on my shoulders, they are mine, with gloves on, but almost like they are supporting me. Then there is a third hand, with a glove on, on my left shoulder, it taps on my shoulder and points ahead. When I look, at the end of the road is a giant sun - i'm almost certain it was a sun rise. A few very small wispy clouds in front, but I mean tiny and wispy - hardly noticeable. I remember thinking how beautiful it was. Then all of a sudden the sun is above me. Blue sky, but it is small and bright.

    Dream 3

    This one seems to be short and vague. It is basically me at my mums house, sitting on the couch after splitting up from my long term girlfriend (who I am still with BTW). There is not much else to it.

    I don't dream often and to dream 3 times in one night and one of those be shared. Well it's weird. Any ideas?
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    do you remember who you were on the phone with? where they giving you advice or telling you something very important?

    as for the second, i think it has alot to do with the first

    Look internally for the meanings, it is all coded. I doubt you will find it in some book or be able to put it to words, but if you try.. you will feel what they mean

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