dreamscape travellog, pt.1

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    don't hit me. i know my spelling is atrocious and my gramar reprehensible. actualy i never met my grammer on my father's side, er, but anyway, enjoy or not as you see fit:

    it was beautiful though, what he had seen of the countryside and what others had built there.

    just one problem: he had no idea where he was, how he had gotten there, or what to do next. and his stomach was reminding him he was still mortal.

    the one person he had spoken to was a friendly but sensibly cautious dragon who had given the name of nylandus. he wasn't sure of nylandus' gender, kind of hard to tell with dragons. he was leaning toward thinking of her as her though.

    what he did know, had seen, was that she had gotten on the route 36 and he was now riding on the route 38.

    it was just an impulse, but it had seemed familiar somehow at the time. fortunately the little local m.u. car had something he WAS familiar with. a keypad built into the armrest between the two seats that spanned the entire interior width of the mini-rail vehicule.

    and, like everywhere else he had been, there was a map function showing the destination codes to punch into it, and at least relative to each other, where they were located.

    the visitor's and newcomer's orientation center was clearly indicated, but as luck would have it, he appeared to be going in the opposite direction, away from it. away also, from the built up area at which he head boarded.

    the obvious logical thing to do would have been to punch in the destination code for the next stop he hadn't passed yet, and board another of the diminuative m.u. trains heading in the opposite direction.

    logical perhapse, but he also noticed, on the map, and in the direction he was already headed, a stop at some sort of university or community college. such places he always enjoyed, and generally found affordable meals there as well. and of course there was always the possibility, albeit something of a long shot, he might run into someone he knew.

    thus he had punched in that code and settled back to enjoy the ride.

    only now it has seemed like rather a long ride between the last two stops, and there were still two more of them before his destination. not only that, but it seemed like it was getting late. and he was beginning to question his own wisdom as to whether there would be anything left on the buffette by the time he got there.

    he also didn't know yet if he was in a monetary area or a nonmonetary one, although in that reguard, the oddshaped bits of plastic in his pocket were reasuring.

    every town that used currency these days, and they were by no means any longer in the majority, injection molded their own, usually of trasparent a.b.s. somehow though every time he had found himself, as he had now, teleported to an unknown destination, he had always found in his pocket at least enough of the local currency to eat something.

    well the ride HAD taken longer then expected but at least he had arrived at what was indeed an institute of higher learning. one that seemed vaguely familiar at that.

  2. Ovimor

    Ovimor Member

    i think this has the makings of a good story. Scifi isn't usually mixed with fantasy to any working degree, though you definately seem to be able to pull it off. On top of that, it seems as if you are doing in in the present day, or at the very least on earth or a planet of the same ilk. Great oprning. keep it up.
  3. sentient

    sentient Senior Member

    Yeah I like it a lot
  4. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    I don't mind your spelling, themnax. I actually think that once people have read some of your posts that they actually warm to them. Isn't it better to know that we are speaking to a human being rather than a spell-checker?

    This is a great story, themnax, and I would like to read more about the dragon. I am the type of person who matches books, music, and art with the climate, and now that the weather is getting warmer, the time is ripe for psychedellic fantasy sci-fi. Roll on, duderino.
  5. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    right. well, to continue ...

    proffessor baer wasnt a bear, but he was sitting in the seat opposite. i/we/he/someone, had taken a rather enjoyable class of his, something to do with demographics, that invoulved the use of of a drafting cave.

    "do you think the dinning commons will still be open when we get there?" i(?) asked.

    "it's open 24/7 now" he replied. "i thought you knew that. the main course will almost certainly be gone but there's always enough sides left over to make a decent meal out of."

    "that's what i was hoping. and here we are"

    as indeed we were, baer having gotten on only one stop earlier.

    "when you get done eating" he told me, after our getting off the mini-tram, "come on up to the lab. i've got something i think you might be interested in."

    *well at least HE remembers who i am. i just wish i did*

    straingely enough, or perhapse not so straingely, i still wasn't sure, i seemed to remember my way arround campus perfectly.

    i could have sleepwalked from the dining commons to the drafting lab.

    when i got there he had some kind of simulation running, with half a dozzen students interacting with it. that was not, however, what he wanted to show me.

    leaving the class in the capable hands of one of his grad-student t-a's, he let me to another, smaller, drafting cave, off to the side of his office.

    there i beheld, floating in holographic space, what i took at first to be the crown jewels of some lost kingdom. a mistake anyone could easily have made. that is, until it uncurled itself and winked at me.

    with a slight sense of vertigo, the world again shifted. the missing lynx, for that was indeed what it calles itself (and yes, the temporal ambiguity is/was(/will be?) intentional) was still hovering in the mid space in front of me.

    we were no longer in the drafting lab on campus, where presumably proffessor baer and his class still were, but rather conveniently for me at least, in the workspace between my own appartment and the little community 'radio' station on the corner.

    the lynx was not exactly physicaly present. not exactly not either. i'll skip that part for now. suffice it to say, appearances were as previously described. i mention this conundrum only to point out why it was not physicly able to do itsle, the relatively simple task it wished of me.

    a matter of a few moments work to assemble a number of componenets already layed out on one of the worktables there.

    having done so, the resultant assembly, along with the jewel-like lynx itself, dissappeared. leaving me with only needing to openone door and walk through it, to return to my own appartment, which i then did.

    being home and knowing i was home, the question of my identity, no longer immediately mattered.

  6. sentient

    sentient Senior Member

    yes very imaginative stuff i like this story a lot its very well designed
  7. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    I dig the lynx, and the magical atmosphere just oozes from the screen as I read it. Keep it up Themnax, boyo!

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