Dreams of Heights

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by starcat, May 10, 2007.

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    I occasionally get dreams that I am high up above the ground walking on very narrow paths on top of high structures.Sometimes it is in the country , near the seaside or in the city.Sometimes in the dreams I am afraid of the heights other times I am OK about it.Often these strucures are labyrinthine like a sureal Escher drawing.Sometimes the pathways have obstacles to overcome such as low lying tree branches or fences .Often if I look up there are even higher structures.

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    Could mean that you will elevate in terms of your situation, maybe get a promotion or something but when you get to the top youre gonna have alot of pressure and other problems (narrow paths). The narrow path could also be an indicator of right and wrong, as in the bible where the narrow path is righteous and harder to travel than the wide path which is led by temptation and wrongdoing.
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    success desires realised, not bothered, 'above it all,' everything is going smoothly in your life.

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