Dreaming every night, is this normal?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by interrupted kid, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Anyone here dreams every night? Is this normal? I happen to have random weird dreams and sometimes bad dreams but I don't get those as often anymore. I hate dreaming, it's just annoying to me. I always have random weird dreams and I don't want to get into random weird situations in my dreams. I can't recall my dreams during the day. I usually remember them when I wake up during the night after each sequence of dreams. When I do remember them during the day, it's because the dreams I had were too triggering.
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    Yes! This is perfectly normal! Everyone who sleeps every night has dreams every night, assuming they sleep long enough and are healthy. And don't worry about not recalling them. A lot happens while we're asleep and it would take too much effort to try to remember it all when we have to remember everything else in our lives. But don't hate your dreams! Dreams can be really fun, as weird as they are! Also, if you want to have more control about what you dream of, you should look into lucid dreaming. :)
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    I always dream, I don't remember a night that I have not and I love it. To me dreams are kinda another life sort of a messed up other life but I still look forward to it every night.
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    I had a therapist a few years back and I asked her the question of having complex bizarre dreams and she told me that type of dreaming is a sign of a healthy mind.
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    Yeah thats ultra good actually. with a little effort its easy peasy to remember multiple dreams every night. Just get in the habit of making remembering the first thing you think of when you wake up and write it down right away.

    If you dont like your dreams look into dream control, and if you are really adventuresome look into lucid dreaming. I keep getting into it for a period of time and then slacking off as i start waking up too late and being rushed. But lucid dreams are the most amazing experience you can have because you are basically God, you can do anything you can imagine. Its not actually very difficult. The reward to effort ratio is extremely high. I think everyone should try to dream lucidly.

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