Dreaming about this girl I have never met

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Carlfloydfan, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    Well, I keep dreaming about two different girls actually.

    I have a lot of dreams about my ex. We just recently broke up. One dream I had was that we got back together and I remember saying, "I could see this happening, I knew it would." I don't remember what she said but I think it was more of a (pleasant) surprise for her. But I just remember feeling really great and happy, I wish the dream had lasted forever, but I woke up shortly after. Unfornuntely I don't remember to much else about the dream.

    I also have had one or two or three....maybe even more dreams, about this girl I have never met. I know she is beautiful and I am attracted in every way and she is too but specific details are hard to remember. But I just remember really hitting it off and looking deep into her eyes and in this dream I had this huge connection both romantically, personally and sexually. One part of the dream that sticks in my mind is us just laying down and staring into each others eyes and me just having this strong feeling and knowing she does too. But its no girl I have ever met in life.

    So I am still dreaming about my last ex, but also this mystery girl...I guess in some ways they are a lot alike...

    Sorry if that is vague, I'll try to remember more but that is all I can remember for now...I wonder what it could mean, dreaming about these two girls. I don't know. But part of me thinks the two dreams may even be connected, cause I believe dreams can be connected, on a sub concious level a lot of the time too. Maybe its my brain saying: You are hurt about the last breakup and you think you'll never meet another great girl but there are plenty of other girls that are very much like your ex and you'll hit it off again...but who knows....
  2. Moving_cloud

    Moving_cloud Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Hi there Carlfloydfan, now let me throw in a suggestion.

    Yes there are plenty of other girls where each is unique and special yet none like your ex, or future crush ... as much as you are special and unique, and wonderful, and worthy to be seen so. And so you dream a future and past like you were stepping from moment to moment where each is as special and precious as those you open to, knowing this be the time to love.

    Just keep on seeing it happening !
  3. Deja vu

    Deja vu Member

    Hello, I think I can relate to your mystery person dream. I have a boyfriend now whom I've been with for a year, a few months before I met him I had a dream similar to the one you described. His features were somewhat unrecognizeable. But I remember having a secure and loving feeling with him.Then later in the relationship I started thinking he was who I was dreaming about. I didn't know if this was a preminition or my subconcious.
  4. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    Thats a really good description of what I felt in my dream. I mean, I just started dating this girl today so we shall see in a little while what happens...I'll keep you posted if you want. Feel free to tell me if your dream comes true!
  5. Deja vu

    Deja vu Member

    Sure, keep me posted! I already feel like this could be the person I dreamt of. You know if you feel like it was the person you dreamed of then we'll definately have to call ourselves precognitive.
  6. Dalamar

    Dalamar Member

    This is just a thought but, have you considered the possibility that you may have seen this girl in real life. Perhaps she is someone you pass by on a regular basis at a mall or something like that.

    Anyway, have you ever heard of lucid dreaming. The short definition of it is that you realize you are dreaming while dreaming. This allows you to do whatever you want in a dream. In your case you could actually ask the person in your dream what she represents.

    It is something to consider anyway. Lucid dreaming is not hard to do and it might help you find answers from within yourself.
  7. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    Okay, so I just started dating this girl. She doesn't look like the girl in my dream


    I had another dream. It started off with me and my girl chillin in my dorm room, much like we do in reality. Than I exited my room, it may have been just across the hall too, can't remember. But the mystery girl made another appearance and I remembered a lot about her appearance so I could def. know what she looks like now. In the dream we flirted a lot and had a lot of fun together and enjoyed our time alone and the strong feelings were mutual. I know I remembered more right after waking but have forgotten some of the details, sadly. But I didn't seem to feel bad in my dream about ditching my gf and chillin with this new girl and doing things with her.

    The weird thing is, tonight I was chilling in my room with my gf in setting remincient of my dream. I walked next door to the lounge to see that Lopez dude on comedy centeral cause I heard people watching it and bam!....It was her... I know it was, my heart skipped a beat, def.! I guess I have seen her. Not sure if she is the mystery girl from the 1st dream. she was in the 2nd so I am not sure if the two dreams are connected anymore...hmmm....

    Dream are weird, not sure why strangers and near-strangers appear in dreams sometimes.
  8. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    Man, I just keep having these amazing dreams about hitting it off with amazing girls and just having the time of my life and the last one ended just as I was about to make love, heh. But thats alright cause even what led up to it was a great dream. I mean, I have connected with a few girls in my life before but these dreams are just amazing on aanother level. I love these dreams but I wonder what it means for me to keep dreaming about these amazing conections and compassion.

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