dream of airplane crash - no fire

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by enchantedbeadz, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hello All... I am new to Hip Forums. I was wondering if anyone could give ideas of a dream interpretation.... A friend of mine who is a flight attendant for an express airline (small planes, 50 seats) had this dream the other day, and we are looking for interpretations. So, here it is.
    She's staying at a Motel, where you walk out of your room, and you are outside (unlike where flight attendants stay at large hotels) and she's talking on the phone to her mother, and standing at the door of the room, and witnesses a very large plane like a 757 crash in front of her, not to far from where she is standing at the door of her room. She tells her mother and then runs over to see if she can help. She sees the fuselage of the aircraft, and it has parts of it that are black and charred. There are survivors, and she asks someone where the plane was coming from. Someone yells out and tells her Trinidad. She is on the phone calling 911, and then is awakened from her dream from a call from her crew scheduling telling her she has to come in to work. After she wakes up she's thinking about the dream, and realizes there was no fire in the dream. Nothing was burning or no flames, but only that she came upon the plane and it had charred and blacked places, like it HAD burned, but she witnessed it go down, and saw no fire. Any Ideas on this dream? Thanks so much everyone.



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