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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by PurpleMapleTree, May 11, 2004.

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    Hey Everyone, I'd really like to get your input on what you think of my dream, and what happened afterwards.
    Ok, in my dream, I was standing on one side of a beautiful clear glass door. We were standing is complete blackness.. like oblivion.. it wasn't even like we were standing on anything.. but we were. And this guy (his face wasn't completely visable, it was blurry, but i knew exactly who he was) was standing on the other side of the door. He put his hand up to the door, then I put my hand up to match his. We stood there for a while with out hands just there, and sort of just looking in eachothers eyes.
    I woke up that morning, and decided to read the bible. I don't usually read the bible, so that was alittle out of the ordinary. When I do read the bible, I usually start off with a random verse... like just opening up to a random page, and reading the first thing I see. Well, I opened up to Song of Songd 5:2 which states...
    "One night as I was sleeping, my heart awakened in a dream. I heard the voice of my lover knocking at my bedroom door. 'Open to my, my treasure my lovely dove, for I have been out in the night. My head is soaked with dew, my hair with the wetness of night'."
    So.. after reading that, I was alittle freraked out. Because I barely even knew the person in the dream... he was like just one of those people I'd see around. Well, a few months later I had the exact same dream.. then about three days later I randomly opened up to that same verse.
    What do you all think this means?
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    open you heart. this may not be *the love of your life* but i'd be willing to bet there's a message there for you, a lesson to be learned
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    thanks owl. i love the idea that my dream may be subconsciously letting me know theres a lesson to be learned... ya know?
  4. malina

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    thats a really cool " coincidence" i dont know what it means but that sounds pretty exciting hehe... im sure there is a lesson for you in that too. :)
  5. PurpleMapleTree

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    Hey. Just a little update on this dream. A friend of mine had a dream where the guy in my dream asked me to marry him.
    That just makes me even more like "whoa". Because this friend lives in Florida (which is halfway across the country from me). And has never met the guy, or seen what he looks like. As a matter of fact, I never even mentioned him to her. And she described him exactly.
    Wellllllllllll... I'm not sure what to think about it. Just letting things play out. Any input??
  6. themnax

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    well i don't see how it HAS to MEAN anything
    these things happen

    as for the dream itself
    i think if you're expecting randomly oppening a page in
    a book to reveal anything profound
    that may have to do with why you were on the oblivious
    side of that glass door

    that it was repeated may be trying to tell you something too

    then again someone who wanders the dream net but looks at
    things in a totaly different way then yourself my simply
    have wandered into place, each of you seem to have,
    well that kind of a situation place in the 'dreamnet'

    i know i do that myself sometimes

    i dont THINK it was ME. but who knows?
    that one i don't claim to. but i couldn't or wouldn't
    swear to it either way for any degree of certain.

  7. BlackGuardXIII

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    I have had maybe 10 dreams that later came true, exact scenes, not my interpretation, they were exact. Some happened a couple of weeks later, and one, 7 years later.
    I think it is just Spirit, or your Guides letting you know that they are there, and not to stop believing.

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