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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by tommydnp, Apr 26, 2007.

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    It was around 22:00 and I was sitting in my sleeping room. I was living in a castle. The next day in the dream, I had an application ( for a job ). I knew it was a strange route to get there, because I must drive "upon" a waterfall ( from the base to the top ) with my car. In the dream's feeling I already did that once in the past. I thought it should be better to get there by an alternate route, so I decided to seek my GPS so I could find a way to avoid this. But first I called the person who propably should be my interviewer from that company. I don't know the reason why I called. Then, it was still around 22:00 in my sleeping room and everybody was already sleeping. I decided to take my mobile phone with flash light with me so I could see. In my dream, it was the first time I came out my sleeping room at dark. The castle had a strange mystical feeling at this moment, like there should be ghosts everywhere ( but it was only the feeling ). I came in a sort of pace/room. There was a strange and quiet feeling in this room. It was something twilight blue!? I thought I turned the lights off and on again because I thought they were not on. Then there was a painting somewhere. I didn't know what was on the painting, but I had a strange "ghostly" feeling about it. I had a scary feeling whole the time, but in my dream, it seemed that I didn't care. When I was walking to the painting ...

    I woke up with a strange paranoia feeling ( the feeling that there could happen something although I knew it was just a dream ). I think I started sleeping around 0:00 and I woke up for this dream around 1:30. I think, because of the feeling and the wake-up, it is a nightmare.

    Does anyone have comments or explinations on this?
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    Hi tommydnp, let me give you an idea and see how it works for you. Keep in mind you are your own best interpreter always ... so this is not really an interpretation, but to help you find the doorknob.

    Ok, just imagine the dream takes you home inside yourself.

    The waterfall takes you to the adventure of being here, beyond all fears and needs for safety.

    The castle takes you back to the connections in spirit that are real beyond your dreams.

    The painting takes you to the awareness of you being part of all creation ... like a mirror of the unknown which is you as well. It's just not what you thought you are ... as you are reaching beyond your mind's eye, to tap into the immidiate wonder of your being.

    The application takes you right to your own desire to grow.

    And so it seems like the dream asks you to be in flow with yourself, no matter where you go. You are ever going home, but home is the ever changing flow of all that is ... even as all your dreams are just passages of time to reach beyond, and be still more.

    Well I hope this makes sense for you. Thank you for coming and sharing.

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