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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by urbanhedgemonkey, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. WARNING! Potentially long post forthcoming :D

    Are you sitting comfortably...

    I'd like to relay a conversation I had with an ex partner of mine on the subject of dreadlocks:

    My ex (of considerable time back) had the most beautiful head of dreadlocks. To my young mind they were dreadlock perfection (if, with hindsight, a little worked upon). It was probably the thing above all else that attracted me to him in the first place (shallow perhaps, but I'm a sucker for a nice set of locks). I don't see this man often now (being that he lives several hundred miles away), but he does ring regularly to speak to his son. It was during one of these phone calls recently that I decided to ask him how he got his dreads, how he cared for them, how long they took to reach maturity etc, and to take the opportunity to announce that I too was now in 'the knotty way'. The answer he gave me was not quite what I was expecting.

    My ex dreaded his hair around 1991-2 and he kept his locks for around 8 years before finally growing tired of them and shaving them off. By this time they reached the small of his back and were looking mighty fine. I met my ex around 1995, and by this time his dreads were well and truly established. He began by telling me that his girlfriend at the time had backcombed them in for him (which I knew anyway), but it was what followed that surprised me most.

    Here is his dreading 'routine' as described:

    Every day for the first 3-4 months his girlfriend would cake them in SOAP. Body Shop 'Dewberry' to be precise, to glue the hairs together. To "dry them out" after this treatment they were then covered in TALC - Johnson's Baby Powder. To keep them fresh and mould free they were rinsed weekly with ZOFLORA DISINFECTANT, and sprinkled with patchouli oil to make them smell nice. He did not wash his hair for the first 18 MONTHS.

    "How are you tightening your roots?" he asked. "I'm not," I replied, "They're just dreading by themselves."

    He then proceeded to describe an elaborate plaiting fandango (yes, PLAITING), where he insisted I should take 3 loose strands of hair and... "Nah!" I cut in. "My roots are just being left to do there own lovely thing. They'll dread by themselves." "They'll look shit," he replied. "You'll shave 'em off within a year! When [his previous girlfriend] platted my roots, she'd do my whole head so tight it would hurt!" Hmm.

    He did have mighty fine-looking locks, though. But I do remember an occassion not long after I met him where I insisted he wash that knotty shit on his head: the entire bath water afterwards was a dark sludge-brown. Eww.

    This was (apparently) the norm back then, in those pre Knotty Boy, Dreadhead HQ, wax 'n' gel days. Does anyone else have locks that hark back that far, or know similar horror stories from back then? (Soaringeagle, I'm looking directly at you as I ask this :)) My only consolation in this sorry tale of hair abuse is that soap and talc, unlike wax, WASHES OUT.

    I guess, if nothing else, this tale is a testament to the resilience of human hair. I think by the time I met him he had long quit messing with his locks and the natural dreading process had taken over. Thank fuck for that, is all I can say! :D

    Peace, love, and thanks for bearing with me on my ramble.
  2. kattoo13

    kattoo13 Member

    soap and baby powder?? yowza.
  3. zilla939

    zilla939 Thought Police Lifetime Supporter

    that's freaking ridiculous and highly unnecessary :D

    funny story, thanks for sharing
  4. Smelly D

    Smelly D The Dreaded Plumber

    corrrrrr blimey. cakey soap and talc powder.. yummy.
  5. amybird

    amybird Senior Member

    Woah, so KB & DHHQ's products must have been like some sort of amazingly convenient godsend. Lol imagine that
  6. Callie4Strings

    Callie4Strings Official Spokes Bitch

    Boogie , a guy I went to school with like way back in the 80's......dreaded his head with ...I believe the story was crisco. I dont see how since that would of been supa greasy...but that was the story I heard nontheless
  7. Its the Zoflora disinfectant that really made my eyebrows raise. I looked this up on their product website under the heading 'product usage':

    Zoflora can be used in its neat form as well as diluted.

    Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product safety information before use.

    Please keep the carton for full product safety information.

    Use Zoflora diluted 1 in 40 with water. 1 capful (10ml) will make approx. 400ml. When diluted Zoflora becomes non-flammable

    Always wear protective gloves when using disinfectant. Wash your hands after use.

    Store upright out of direct sunlight.

    Use diluted Zoflora in the kitchen and bathroom to wipe over floors, tiles, work surfaces, sinks, toilets, baths, taps and other fixtures and fittings. Zoflora may be used undiluted in ceramic and metal sinks, drains and toilets. Use Zoflora for general disinfection and as a spray to create a fragrant freshness throughout your home.

    Zoflora is a powerful concentrated disinfectant. It is more effective when used without soaps or detergents and where heavy soiling has already been removed.

    Do not allow contact with polished wood. Do not mix with other chemicals.

    When correctly diluted Zoflora may be used where pets are kept. It will kill bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odours. Do not allow pets to lick or walk on wet or treated surfaces. Keep them off until dry.

    Take care to avoid spillage. If splashed in the eyes or on the skin, wash well with water and consult a doctor.

    Remember folks, don't let your cat lick your dreads until the toilet cleaner you just rinsed them with is well and truly dry!! :puke:
  8. Yeah, that was my exact thought.
  9. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    damn i missed this threads eewk is all i can say
    i cant say i heard worse
    but i do remember msany punk kids starteds theyre dreads by screwing bolts onto them

    oh only very slightly related, not dreads exactly but mohawks.. i knew a black chick that wanted a mohawk and glued a strip of fur to her head and an idiot ex hare krishna that pried all the pyramid spikes out of a belt (so all the prongs were bent and crooked) then used a 2 by 4 to attempt to hammer them into his skull to create a metal spiked mohawk

    i cant see they were much dumber

    i had heard of peopkle usinmg tooth paste axel grease and peanut butter to dread though
    oh and 1 insisted they had to be caked in mud or clay to dread

    these were heard seconmd hand thoughand i doubt they ever resulted in real dreads

    (btw in the same house with the hare krishna ande the fur head was a chick whop used manic panic dye to not dye her hair but smear ity on her face so she had a huge green blotch covering 3/4 of her facve for over a month...

    some people do incredibly stupid things trying to klook different i guess

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