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    Okay, peeps. I'd like your take on this dreary, almost bane-like word that I hear thrown around a lot.

    What is drama to you? Ever had to cut ties with someone because it was out of control?

    I hear people berating and accusing those who call out others for being dramatic. There's a tendency to side with the underdog and the accused sometimes.

    Yet is there such a thing as someone continuously *attracting* drama to them by making wrong judgments? Consistently drawing the negative feelings of others because of the way they treat others? Have you had any experiences with this?

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    People who have "drama" in their lives CHOOSE to have drama in their lives. Each and every one of us has the choice of who we are friends with and most importantly, how we react to every situation that is thrown at us. You can choose to live simply, be honest and open with the people you love, making drama non-existant.
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    my g/f always gets herself involved in unecessary drama, its been like that since high school, i just kick back and smoke blunts, untill a dude gets involved.
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    some people seem to thrive on drama, or at least are unable to function without it. some people just really like it and attract it to themselves, making the choice to be dramatic. i cant stand it and find it really hard to be around these people.
    my friend is a good example: she dated this guy for a month and she was planning their wedding, she would be giddy one day and crying the next but never ceased to talk about him and the drama surrounding their relationship. her parents (also drama queens) hated him and would do the whole crazy parent thing blown way out of proportion. she would just find more and more things to add to the mix till it blew up in her face and now shes alone again, but still she wont shut up about him and continues to create drama. very irritating.
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    We have a family member that most of the family keeps at arm's length because she is always gossiping, getting in other's business, inciting others to get in other's business, and is willing to lie on other family members to either get what she wants or keep herself out of trouble. I mean the kind of lies that'll bring out the cops or social services. Even her own brothers want as little to do with her as possible because of all the drama she's caused over the years.

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