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    im using lime wire and its ok but i want something better or has more movie i can download
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    You can connect to Limewires Gnutella networks as well as the Edonkey netword (much more full length movies and apps)
    Bittorents too!

    Guess what - no spyware, adware and its all open-source geeky freedom with Shareaza!

    EMule is another great one if you are looking for large files.
    (but a bit of a learning curve and it works best if on all the time)
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    Here is a list of some of the best peer to peer/file sharing applications out right now. If you need any type of help or information on file sharing I would suggest going to the zeropaid peer to peer forums. You should be able to find out anything you ever wanted to know about file sharing there. The url for the forum is and of course the main site's url is

    eMule -
    WinMX -
    BitTorrent -
    BitComet -
    Shareaza -
    Ares -
    Soulseek -
    DC++ -
    eDonkey2000 -
    Piolet -

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