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    So I had just left court (being charged with 2 counts of paraphenalia, 1 for possesion, 1 for possesion with intent, 1 for underage alcohol possesion) and was trying to find a geometric compass to use to plan a trip. I found two medicine containers; both full (my dad is pretty hardcore; he got his surgery done with no anesthetic, and he'll be damned if he takes painkillers afterwards) of cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxant, 10mg) and generic hydrocodone (m357's). I called 4 friends over (2 girls, 2 guys) and we inspected our findings. I took 8 vic's (4 up the nose, 4 to the stomach, parachuted) and 6 cyclo's.. I felt groovy. But for the next day & half, I was pretty tired and more unmotivated than usual. The girls only took one of each, and said they didn't feel much. One friend (~120 lbs.) took 6 of the cyclos, and 4 of the vic's, he said he was about a 6/10. The other (~170 lbs.) tends to exaggerate, but he took 4 vids (half up nose, half to stomach, stilli npill form) and 4 cyclo's and said he w3as a 8/10. We all drank a bottle of 151 between us about 2 hours later, and got very drunk (I was nodding/passing in and out).
  2. Funny I almost forgot why drugs are so highly regulated/controlled. No it really isn't funny at all. Respiratory depression isn't just some scare tactic; people have died from less.
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    Can't get any more true than this. Mixing alcohol and depressants is so fucking risky. Taking a depressant/opiate/etc. alone is's not worth it to start mixing with other shit. Maybe throw a little ganja into the mix, but definately not something that is going to slow your breathing even more. Even if you think you're doing fine, there is way too much of a chance of respiratory failure. That would really suck.
  4. yeah even a few cones after a bottle of bourbon knocks me off, as i have proof on film i found out the next day.
  5. TokeTrip

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  6. Eugene

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    Until you choke to death on your own vomit.
    BTW snorting vikes is a really bad idea, and it doesn't really get you any higher than just eating them (some people suggest that the APAP renders snorting useless) plus, it fucks up your sinuses.

    People like you shouldn't be allowed to do drugs.
  7. or the reason why the rest of us get in trouble if we get caught doing so
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    Let me know how death feels, because you are dying to try it (pun slightly intended)...

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