Down Yonder

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    Down Yonder
    Longhorn Country, the Lone Star State
    While visiting down yonder, I met my fate
    Yonder, I asked, is it an inch or a mile
    Don't matter, yonder is yonder, for a while
    I sat a spell, listening to folks tell their yarns
    Bout cathing catfish and life on the farm
    I met some good ol boys, all Texans, very proud
    At dusk we heard the ol hootin owl call sharp and loud
    Down yonder, saw some gators creepin bout the cypress trees
    Splishin and a splashin, so wild and free
    While ridin in da pick up, saw a hawk gliding in the wind
    And at the roadside, the sidewinders trail that never ends
    At night you hear all sorts of critters, far and near
    No worry, Bubba's got a shotgun, nothin to fear
    Went down yonder to see Trumans little piece of heaven
    Well gotta turn in now, it's far past eleven
    The people the land, I grew fonder and fonder
    I met my fate while visiting down yonder.
    Dedicated to my good friend Truman R.I.P.

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