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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by CaptainLS, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. CaptainLS

    CaptainLS Banned

    I just took a girl to see My blody valentine and then we snuck into Underworld 3. The clean up guy saw us in the first one and asked if we we're there for the next showing and I said no and he asked if we we're just hanging out and I said yeah and he said cool. Then he showed up after the second one and we we're sitting there in the same seats as the other one and he just looked confused
  2. McLeodGanja

    McLeodGanja Banned

    My ass couldn't cope with two consecutive cinema viewings.
  3. Mr. Mojo Risin'

    Mr. Mojo Risin' Senior Member

    I never had the opportunity to sneak into another showing. I would have to leave my first one before the movie ended to do that.

    Was "My Bloody Valentine" good? I really wanna see it because it's in 3D.
  4. CaptainLS

    CaptainLS Banned

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