Double-Boiler Extraction Method

Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by cechmangoal1, May 14, 2007.

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    So I was thinking of a way to spare myself having to drink cacti juice. I use Mj shroomers method 5 on erowid for anyone who knows of it. I boil down my cactus to about a cups worth of juice. would is be possible to use a double boiling technique to boil the juice down further, probably to a green gooey consistency???? All that should evaporate should be the water..right?? I don't think that the mescaline would evaporate, so you would just have to scrape it off the bottom of the bowl, and capsulate it i guess to injest. Is this a possible method that wouldn't kill the mescaline in doing so??

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    Swim has played with this several times, but currently uses an IPA extraction and capsulizes the black tar residue left after evaporation.

    If you carefully, lightly simmer down your filtered cup of cactus tea it will go from green tea to brown syrup to black tar. Dont make the mistake of overboiling it or drying it in a pyrex pan in the open oven; it turns into hard black "glass". The mescaline will not evaporate, but if you burn it, it will deconstruct. Swim found the boil down problematic, hence the IPA extraction which is painless and taste-less. Definitive answers to the specifics of boiling down that cup to the black tar level are not readily available, either, swim found himself unable to replicate many of the suggestions made on this subject and is suspicious of any further suggestions short of personal experimentation...but swim would suggest not using heat after reaching the brown syrup level. Keep it warm, and just let the water evaporate; provided you are left with a sticky pliable tar you can cut it up and lightly tamp a capsule with it using a pair of tweezers. This is how it works after IPA for swim.
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    i took the goop, let the residual moisture evaporate, rolled the residual goop into a ball and let it dry in the sun for a few days. now it sits waiting to be eatin or powdered and capsulized. I took a 1 foot cutting and got a 9 gram ball of pure cactus alkaloids. so what do i do now? e;)!
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    i wouldn't call that "pure." there is still an abundance of plant fats and other things in your goop. 9 gm of pure alkaloids would spin your head, probably even kill you.

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