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    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    ...look for it!, experience it!


    8 smash hit, crafty tracks!
    No skit, no intro, no outro, just right into it!
    3 codings for the 3 aware mind states (knowing, ignorant, wise)!
    Featuring 6 groups instead of featuring solo appearances!
    Sending into store you! And soon since sow on is how you cop it!
    No need of any music video when you can experience living such 'ground shaking' actuality!
    No love track either.


    Track list exclusive:

    1. Temptation (Self-Torturing Lust Fixation)
    2. Lake of Fire (Net of Every Nerve Kind Under Every Firing)
    3. Brim Stove (Flaming Fire Wheel)
    4. Butt (Blunt aka second "Thou-Sand" death)
    5. Black (Outer Darkness)
    6. Circus (Tormentors. Featuring Dogs, Sorcerers, Whore Mongers, Murderers, Idolaters, and Make A Lie)
    7. Change (Vortex of Luck)
    8. Eternity (Specification: With Passaway Beginning or End)

    Also note:

    Once living those experiences, you're always living those experiences in a cycle. You got to be a beast to cop it! None pure and none wearing a protective, keep-pure mitten for here may ever cop it!

    X! (THE LABYRINTH RECTIFICATION) already encompassing the taking you amongst in the read dark sentences of which wrapping up.

    May call time here the 8 day sow. Hint: the small lower pic next to the drawing on the Makaveli cover. Such indeed been a sowing. Such indeed make the whole art reveal an abnormal looking 8--but an 8 nonetheleast. Even Makaveli mentions what you thought is the word "solo" which actually is "sow low" Makaveli implying. Makaveli mentions two different times: "Makaveli dawn sow low shit." and "Makaveli the Dawn: Sow Low: Kill Lume Men Naughty: 7 Days."--Implying, Sow (the 8. Hint even the 8 letters of "Makaveli") Kill Lume Men 7 Days. But the main clue is "Dawn" which is IV letters and "Days" which is IV letters. Implying an even of a kind or wise (example how current: A week of 7 days of the 1-7 date lining up where the date "4" is also the 4th day of a week from front to back. You see how double the 4 gets you 8 while double the 7 gets you 14 which adds to 5. Then you see the 45 which adds to 9 which is the same number of lettes in "Labyrinth" and is the same number of which symbolizes both vortex with change by a swirl look and the fact 9 does swirl in and out of a 6. Then you see back above the track 6 which symbolically implies "for traveling across" since such is what even a circus is about. Basically, the hidden yet obvious 9th track is the title-meaning in the brimming: THE LABYRINTH RECTIFICATION. Now realize how the date 6 is day 6, but is day 2 in revese. Then either date 6 + day 2 = 8 (Sow) or date 6 - day 2 = 4 (Dawn) or then date 2 + day 2 = 4 (Dawn) which gets a certain you X! And surely 6 hidding the SURPRIZE living experience in traveling across THE LABYRINTH RECTIFICATION). The Dawn reveals in time the 8 Day Sow. And the other is implying the upper front (easily seen art part) is shit the Sow is lower on. Or rather, what you see clearest is shit in comparison to what the '8 making' Sow lower is. HA!

    And ppl which tried blowing it up said it looked like an audtopsy pic of some kind with somebody laying down and somebody standing up near the body laying down. Note then how blunt the pic is if that is so. And note such a thing has to do with deep cutting and being off the feet. Overall implying the art drawn part is more revealing a cowardly Death, hinting by being fictionally drawn, while the the "8 Day Sow" part (if an audtopsy pic) is revealing actual death secondly in a telling which means certain leave a cowardly Death for an actual death secondly which is for ever and ever says the hinting by the eternity symbolization with the abnormal "8" look.

    The 4th track listed above is concerning what bluntly? second "Thou-Sand" death! And such is apart of what, symbolizing by the 8th track? Eternity etc.

    Sequence code X! befalling:

    'IV II' ('VI') a snare shell X! 'IV' ('Dawn') on all 'IV IV' ('VIII') dwell (WHOSE) on the IV of the 'whole ear' ('9', 'Labyrinth').

    ^^Sound wise 'whole earth' is 'hole earth' which is implying still '9' and 'Labyrinth,' but also trap hole. And note the cowardly the by the edge.

    '24' ('VI') And they shell fall by the edge (IV) of the sword (WHOSE),... and Labyrinth shell be trodden down of the Labyrinth.

    ^^Reinforce SWORD DWELL or DWELL SWORD. And even the day 6 of a week is symbolizing 'by the edge.'

    'IV II' ('VI') no longer is knot sense the LABYRINTH of the world to (2, too) 'IV IV' ('VIII'), know, nor IV shell be.

    'II IV' ('VI'), Eye 'IV IV' ('VIII') you 'II IV' ('VI').

    ^^Make you enter the X! of 8 on 6 (date mark 6, day number six, day name Friday, all having six (or 6) in some wise/count).

    LABYRINTH Butt (Blunt) of IV "8 Sow Day" and Our no know(ing) man(ning), know, knot the angels of heaven, butt (Blunt) my VI only.

    '51' ('VI') And shell cut him a 'sunder' ('VI'), and 7 him his 7 with the hypocrites: IV shell be 7 and 8 of tee (3: knowing, wise, ignorant).

    "Why no longer due you help me grow up Sow God 'damn (IV) fast (IV)' ('VIII' which damn fast)?!"--IV

    ^^Implying, "Sow God 8!"


    Preparing IV an Our, and a day, and a mon, and a year ("2))9" or" IV"), IV to (2, too) slay the 'third (V) part (IV)' ('LABYRINTH') of men.

    ^^And in week labling reverse wise it's a mon where fri, but still you see 6 count/wise. Understand the last been first concerning holding the beast in 1-8 of Labyrinth first before fully and partially during this generation and fully lastly. WHOSE reverse order just for handling firstly-lastly how. Then understand no fear for facing what been put in HELLS firstly, such a beast been, on this earth. And understand WHOSE no cowardliness since a MAN will meet the beast in court WHOSE handing down just a dark sentence for against the beast. Lastly know, WHOSE BOMB FIRST! (LABYRINTH!) No way can the beast, for any point ago, current, or future, get WHOSE beforehand, during, or after in ANYTHING; nor play WHOSE first, during, or after. WHOSE CONGLOMERATOR, remember? I know it seem reasonable for the beast to buy the beast got WHOSE or played WHOSE since the dawn of man here, but I tell you impossible!!! Plus, remember that main beat in Transformers when Unicron as a planet was shown? Count IV IV in it. Making VIII! WHOSE show you how a planet transform during no more warning. What was that word Unicron used? It sounded like Cy (or Si or Sci or Psy) Be Dubious (or Due Be Us). Cy makes sense. dubious means: doubtful; no longer marking by or occasioning doubt: a dubious reply. of no longer certain out come: in dubious battle. wavering or hesitating in opinion; no longer inclining to (2, too) doubt. Basically implying Calendar Year Be Wavering and any original Be a calendar is is doubful because of such. And during how due be us. My top favorite so-called bad guy cartoon characters been Unicron, Galvatron, and Apocalypse from X-Men.

    By 'these (V) three (IV)' ('LABYRINTH') no longer is the 'third (V) part (IV)' ('LABYRINTH') of men no longer killing, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brim stove, which no longer issueing out of their mouths.

    And He no longer gathering IV together in to (2, too) a place no longer calling in the He brew tongue Arm a get Dawn (IV).

    6 And sware by Him that (IV) 'IV IV' ('8') ever and ever, WHO no longer creating heaven, and the things (6) that their "in" are, and the earth, and the things (6) that their "in" are, and the see, and the things (6) which are their "in", that their should be time (IV) no longer: 7

    ^^Implying IV not cowardly the Labyrinth nor stuck being in the luck of the Labyrinth. WHOSE GOING BACK HOW ATHENTICALLY SHOULD. WHOSE AUTHENTIC HIM (MALE INDIVUDAUL) never did touch non-pure "Grey" also a wearing than just a WAR MACHINE, keeping of course Him pure and not seeable by the beast. All meaning seeable is obvious actions in the here and now only. Nothing better than tatting WHOSE YEAH (symbolically in wise) on how I treat my foe just so they know how they getting treated while in ever absense of athentic purities they never known nor shall. In symbolics, my YEAH ride on the beast.

    7And IV they shell have no longer finishing their LABYRINTH, the beast that ascend out of the Labyrinth pit shell make war against IV, and shell over 'IV IV' ('8'), and kill IV.

    8And their dead (Referrencing IV) bodies shell lie in the street of the LABYRINTH, which spiritually is no longer calling WHOSE "and" WHOSE, where all Sow Our Lord no longer is no longer crucifing.

    In Speak music video all you see is the wheel theme. And you hear the spin tone for the wheel. Your trust in me wheel speak 2 (too) me!



    1.ignition. 2.unknown.

    '35' ('8') IV a 8 a snare 8 hell X! IV on all 'IV IV' ('8') WHOSE on the IV of the 'hole earth' ('LABYRINTH').

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