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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by thcinfectedhair, May 30, 2007.

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    Tucking misery underneath a safe corpse
    nobodies watching so why should I care
    I’ll drag my body up on the road
    nobody cares if there is blood screaming
    escape the lullaby of dreaming and past time
    and I end up remains there

    dreaming a monster
    molesting all my pleasure
    he creeps in from a side
    a dark blind that seeps under a nail
    I am just untwined and pissed about it
    and my skin looks a little pale
    lines on a paper don’t care much for me
    they never chewed my food
    spit swallowed or made it any softer
    this is my final offer to your time alone
    we put gasoline on the vine veining up to the dome
    and now we sit around and cry all day
    remedy and concentrate makes tea of sour blame
    so im looking now for a simple solution
    because I never sought much action anyway

    now I’ve been driven aside my mind
    and we’ve had enough time with my design
    fuck statistic movement I am alive may I remind
    and my time is like ingrown hair ugly and stuck here
    lets see how much a brain can persevere

    what is wrong with a picture
    chaotic violence ignorance and simpletons
    seems we need a little rarity
    in a diminished cold ass fucked up sobriety
    take the test its all in here just put on all your gear
    your hearts been sold by auctioneer
    does it feel bright in your eye
    in your lie I stopped my reply
    visit stale time and you never smile at sublime
    I claw and gouge out my eyes knowing you see me
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    lots of creative words, I liked it

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