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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by FireQuint, Jun 1, 2004.

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    Me being the huge rap music buff that I am, I thought I'd share an awesome politically driven song with my fellow Hip Forumites.

    I hope your computer can play mp3 files. Enjoy and spread:

    What would you do if you
    Knew all of the things we know
    Would you stand up for truth
    Or would you turn away too?
    And then what if you saw
    All of the things that's wrong
    Would you stand tall and strong?
    Or would you turn and walk away

    I see a message from the government, like every day
    I watch it, and listen, and call 'em all suckas
    They warnin' me about Osama or whatever
    Picture me buyin' this scam I said "never"
    You in tune to a Hard Truth soldier spittin'
    I stay committed gives a fuck to die or lose commission
    It's all a part of fightin' devil state mind control
    And all about the battle for your body mind and soul
    And now I'm hopin' you don't close ya mind - so they shape ya
    Don't forget they made us slaves, gave us AIDS and raped us
    Another Bush season mean another war for profit
    All in secret so the public never think to stop it
    The Illuminati triple 6 all connected
    Stolen votes they control the race and take elections
    It's the Skull and Bones Freemason kill committee
    See the Dragon gettin' shittier in every city


    Now ask yourself who's the people with the most to gain (Bush)
    'fore 911 motherfuckas couldn't stand his name (Bush)
    Now even niggas waivin' flags like they lost they mind
    Everybody got opinions but don't know the time
    'Cause Amerikkka's been took - it's plain to see
    The oldest trick in the book is make an enemy
    A phony evil so the government can do its dirt
    And take away ya freedom lock and load, beat and search
    Ain't nothin' changed but more colored people locked in prison
    These pigs still beat us but it seem we forgettin'
    But I remember 'fore September how these devils do it
    Fuck Giuliani ask Diallo how he doin'
    We in the streets holla 'jail to the thief' follow
    Fuck wavin' flags bring these dragons to they knees
    Oil blood money makes these killers ride cold
    Suspicious suicides people dyin' never told
    It's all a part of playin' God so ya think we need 'em
    While 'Bin Ashcroft' take away ya rights to freedom
    Bear witness to the sickness of these dictators
    Hope you understand the time brother cause it's major


    So now you askin why my records always come the same
    Keep it real, ain't no fillers, motherfuck a blingin'
    Mine eyes seen the gory of the coming of the beast
    So every story every word I'm sayin' 'Fuck Peace'
    See you could witness the Illuminati body count
    Don't be surprised these is devils that I'm talkin' bout
    You think a couple thousand lives mean shit to killers?
    I swear to God we the ones - ain't no villans [sic]
    Or any other word they think to demonize a country
    Ain't no terror threat unless approval ratings slumpin'
    So I'ma say it for the record we the ones that planned it
    Ain't no other country took a part or had they hand in
    It's all a way to keep ya scared so you think you need'em
    Praisin' Bush while that killer take away ya freedom
    How many of us got discovered but ignore the symptoms?
    Brothas talkin' loud but ain't nobody sayin' shit'
    And with the 4th Amendment gone eyes are on the 1st
    That's why I'm spittin' cyanide each and every verse
    I see the Carlyle group and Harris Bank Accounts
    I see 'em plead the 5th each and every session now
    And while Reichstag burns I see the public buy it
    I see the profilin see the media's compliance
    War is good for business see the vicious make a savior
    Hope you understand the time brother cause its major

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