Don Imus Controversy

Discussion in 'People' started by dudenamedrob, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    Don Imus recently referred to the Rutgers University Womens Basketball team as "nappy headed hoes". A huge media circus ala' Anna Nicole Smith has ensued. While his comments were unquestionably offensive, I am quite disgusted with the way he is being ganged up on by the media and PC thugs/hypocrites like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I don't feel that his comments were meant to be overtly racist or sexist, It has been argued by Don Imus himself that while unacceptable, his comments were taken out of context. I feel that it is disgraceful for the media to waste this much time enforcing a policy of oversensitive political correctness while continually ignoring and minimizing the important issues of our time. It is a widely held opinion in many circles that the mainstream media has become complicit talking heads for corporocracy and government, however this new brand of sensationalist journalism is not only pointless, but is overtly making an attempt to condition humanity to behave within certain parameters of acceptable discourse. So where do you stand on this? Do you feel that the sensationalist news coverage and calls for Don Imus to be fired are justified, or do you, like me, feel that this is a deplorable attack on free speech, designed to condition humanity to abide by a certan ideologue, and divert attention from the far more pressing issues of our time.
  2. StayLoose1011

    StayLoose1011 Senior Member

    I wish I knew a little more about the situation, but I was reading an article about it and in it some womens rights advocate was saying, "I mean, "hos?" Who says "ho" publicly?" And that summed it up right there for me beacuse the answer is EVERYONE... I mean, it was not a nice thing to say, but are people just not allowed to make fun of other people anymore? If that's the case we better shut down all of the comedy clubs, etc. I didn't see how the comment was even related to race or gender... again I don't know the context, but if he had called them "stupid, no talent ass-clowns" would the response be different? It's not like he was actually commenting on the sexual morality or lack thereof of the Rutger's team. I think because it was directed towards hard working college students the whole thing is just being blown way out of proportion.
  3. seaweedyness

    seaweedyness Member

    i think the situation has escaled into wayy too big of a deal. bottom line is that you can say whatever you want, it says so in your rights. also, people have to accept that radio shows aren't as scripted or censored as the seven o'clock news on tv, and that during comedy bids, comments like "nappy headed ho's" are supposed to be humorous, not direct snide racism. people need to chilll
  4. lunarflowermaiden

    lunarflowermaiden Senior Member

    Freedom of speech means taking the good with the bad. There should not be punishment for what others find offensive. Yes, his remark was not respectful in the slightest, but he still had the right to voice it. These young women were not the only ones to have ever been insulted. People are put down everyday for race, religion, sexuality, ect. It unfortunate, but it is a part of life. I understand how they would be upset by his statement, but I think the whole matter is being blown way out of proportion.
  5. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    It really annoys me that this kind of thing is newsworthy stuff...when there are hundreds of Iraqis dying at the U.S. governments hands, and hundreds of species of living things becoming extinct everyday. Is it not newsworthy that we are drinking water with dangerous chemicals in it and eating foods with pesticides in it that is killing us slowly?

    I can hardly listen to the news anymore knowing that it's all crap what we hear and is really not newsworthy at all.
  6. Motion

    Motion Senior Member

    Now I hope some here aren't trying to make light of this issue because Imus was referring to Black women???

    Of course Don Imus was going to get alot heat for this. Those words were out of line. Yes he has freedom of speech but that protects you more from government censorship. A person can still get disciplined by their place of work for making certain comments.

    Also,I've noticed some camparing what he said with the words used by some rappers. If there is a difference it's that rappers are usually referring to imaginary women who they've created for a song. Imus was referring to some actual real life women.
  7. Motion

    Motion Senior Member

    P&G, Staples, GM, Sprint pull Imus ads

    Major companies withdraw spots after radio host suspended for slur of Rutgers women's basketball team...

  8. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    That's flat out ridiculous, don't play the race card here....i'm getting sick and tired of people being taken out of context by oversensitive PC fascists. I take extreme offense to this statement, as i'm sure most other people in this thread do, what are you thinking?!?!?

    I think most of us feel it is a waste of time and undeserving of the attention it is getting, we have much more important things that should be consuming the mainstream psyche. Whether or not a person is disciplined for making comments is not up to the employer, it is up to the marketplace, if it's allowed to settle, it will blow over, however if, like in this case, words are taken overtly out of context, people are demonized, and everybody jumps on the oversensitive PC bandwagon, it becomes a drastic magnification of the original incident.

    IMAGINARY?? That's ludicrous, the women demeaned in rap and hip hop music are symbolic of the entire female populace, which some might argue is indicative of a much longer lasting and dangerous trend.
  9. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    Of course, as I said, this is being blown way out of proportion by the media, they are conditioning people to be outraged with the overwhelming attention and sensationalism they are bombarding the public psyche with 24 hours a day. As I said, the marketplace will decide, considering the marketplace is subjective to the opinions of the media though, I guess in a way the media decides who to keep and who to throw away. He'll probably be fired now.........40 year career down the drain over 3 words.......all because of a ridiculous diversion policy of oversensitivity and public evisceration by PC thugs/hypocrites like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.
  10. mandell

    mandell Banned

    Eh, and what makes you feel that the term "hypocrites" falls exclusively to the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons of the this country? Both black men by the way...
  11. Zadria

    Zadria Member

    Didn't Jesse Jackson call NY "Hymietown" because of it's Jewish population?
    That isn't derogitory?
  12. mandell

    mandell Banned

  13. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    Talk show hosts shouldnt have to be afraid of what they say. They need to be edgy otherwise theres no audience. Its clear it was a joke of sorts. Does anyone think that what Imus said changed the opinion of his listeners.
  14. Motion

    Motion Senior Member

    First let me point out that I don't agree with the female name calling in some rap music,rappers can sell without them.

    Basically I agree that Imus's use of the word hoe was the same as used by some rappers. But it's different in the sense that Imus was referring to a specific group of real actual women. Rappers rarelly call actual women bitches and hoes and this is where the difference would be with the Imus comparison.
  15. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    So your going to play the race card here? Your really ignorant enough to believe it's about race??? I've not only respected, but i've agreed with most of your posts on hip forums....until now. Of course their are many more hypocrites in this world besides Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, however for the sake of this argument, they shine above the rest, they are directly involved in the topic at hand. Personally I am very sick and tired of seeing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson act as a moral compass for this country. They both make their money off stirring the race pot and pitting black against white, the problem is, they are both bigoted hypocrites. Look at the Duke rape scandal for instance, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson both rallied behind the accuser, certain that those 3 white lacrosse players had raped her, and they cried racism all the way to the bank, but now that the charges have all been dropped and the accuser proven to be a liar, they are nowhere to be seen on that front, shouldn't they at least offer an apology to these young men for their racist crusade against them? What about in 1983 when Jesse Jackson was talking to a reporter and referred to Jews as "hymies" and New York as "hymietown"?? What about Jacksons affair with Karen Stanford?? What about him misdirecting finances in The Rainbow Push Coalition to pay $31,000 in moving and contract work for Stanford?
    What about the Tawana Brawley case in 1987?? A 15 year old black girl was found inside a garbage bag, raped, covered with shit, and racist remarks written all over her. The girl claimed she had been raped by six white men, some of them cops.......Al Sharpton got behind her, and after 7 months of researching the case, a Grand Jury determined she had lied about being assaulted by the police. Well Al Sharpton, being unhappy about the verdict, accused the white prosecutor of the case of having been one of the people who raped her, and thus instituting a cover-up. Needless to say the prosecutor sued Sharpton for slander, he was found guilty of 7 counts and ordered to pay $345,000, along with Alton Maddox and Vernon Mason (though I personally believe Maddox and Mason were led astray by Sharpton). What about the Crown Heights Riot:
    Sharpton has even tried to sell out his own race for money, in 2005 he was briefly a commercial spokesman for Loanmax, a predatory lending company that targets poor black consumers, however the outrage surrounding this was sufficient for him to terminate the relationship before he could make much money. So you see, don't insinuate racism in my posts, for I am colorblind, I don't have a racist bone in my body, i'm simply someone who has a severe disdain for bullshit.
  16. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    We'll have to just agree to disagree, because I don't privy favor when it comes to demeaning people, hip hop or Imus, they are both wrong, and should both be held to the same standards, regardless of whether they are direct or abstract comments.
  17. lunarflowermaiden

    lunarflowermaiden Senior Member

    How do you know the women rappers write about are "imaginary"? They could have been women in their lives at some point, or even now. Even if they are not directly writing about anyone in specific, they are sharing how they feel about the female population as a whole. To me, that is more offensive than what Don Imus said.
  18. mandell

    mandell Banned

    Yes, it is obviously about "race". Imus verbally assauting the women from the Rutger's basketball team, calling them "nappy headed ho's". These women were high achieving students and athletes.
    To brand all black women as "nappy-headed ho's" clearly demonstrates prejudice, bigotry, ignorance and outright racism.

    So, those blacks who speak out against racism, such as the Al Sharpton's and the Jesse Jackson's, are blatantly branded as hypocrites, faulted for some reason or another.

    While those who exercise their own brand of veiled racism and arrogance such as dudenamedrob cry foul and are offended everytime they run across anything resembling "political correctness".

    Oh yeah, they're "simply someone who have a disdain for bullshit", unless of course, it's their own bullshit. ; )

    Hypocrisy? You bet.

    BTW, it is Imus who got fired from his job, not Al Sharpton nor Jesse Jackson.

    So, please don't get wild from this latest affront to your vision of a world free from uhm, "political correctness".
  19. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    You didn't even read my post. I don't even see how you can make such idiotic statements..........veiled racism??? You are ignorant.........beyond reproach. Their is no point in trying to discuss something with self-righteous, pompous, blowhards like yourself. You Mandell, are part of the reason so much racism exists in this country, labeling and dividing people into subgroups and sections, promoting a flawed policy of political correctness that can find folly in any comment, and tends to favor the race of the moment while ignoring the rest, but when I point out the anti-semitism and racism of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, i'm expressing veiled racism for doing so......that's simply flawed logic. Why don't you climb down from your pedestal and open up your eyes to the fact that just because someone expresses dissent of overt sensitivity and a policy of political correctness that does more to divide than unite, is not reason to label them a racist. By your ridiculous ideology, every single person on this thread who has posted so far (besides you and Motion) is a racist!
  20. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    You contradict yourself in this statement. In the beginning of your statement you say he labeled the Rutgers basketball team "nappy headed hoes" then you go on to insinuate that he branded all black women as "nappy headed hoes" Which story do you want to stick to? Hmm....I seem to recall him referring to the Rutgers University basketball team as "nappy headed hoes", I never heard him say all black women are nappy headed hoes. What about the white women on the team? How do you account for them?? Or do they not count.........

    I'd say that the fact that both of them have made anti-semetic comments, one accusing the prosecutor of a case of being a rapist when he didn't get his way, and the other inciting a riot that ended up in a dead Jewish man.......yeah, that's pretty fucking hypocritical.

    This is true, but ask yourself....if their was true equality, given their blatant anti-semitism, adulterey, fraud, and incite to violence, would either Sharpton or Jackson still be held in the regard they are?

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