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    ‘I am here to express thanks for the Cuban contribution to my nation’
    States Roosevelt Skerrit, prime minister of Dominica on his arrival last night
    BY ELSON CONCEPCION PEREZ—Granma daily staff writer—
    “I am here on behalf of the Dominican government and people to express thanks for the Cuban contribution to my nation,” affirmed Roosevelt Skerrit, prime minister of the island of Dominica, who arrived in Havana last night, invited by President Fidel Castro to the first graduation from the Latin American School of Medicine.

    At the capital airport, where he was met by Marta Lomas, minister of foreign investment and economic cooperation; and Deputy Foreign Minister Rafael Daussá, Skerrit stated that Dominica has very good relations with Cuba over the last 40 years and “we have greatly benefited from its collaboration.”

    “A few hundred of our students have been educated here, and we have a few hundred more who are currently studying in various universities of this country,” he commented.

    “We have also been able to count on Cuban cooperation in the health field,” he noted, and “at this point we have dozens of people from Dominica who have come to Cuba for surgical operations and everyone is saying that it is an excellent program.”

    “We have exchanged information in distinct areas and we would like to strengthen that cooperation even more in terms of the future.

    Moreover, we know that there is a very strong educational program here,” he added.

    He stated that Cuba has a lot to share, teach and show to the rest of the world.

    “I am aware that this country has experienced difficult situations related to the drought and is confronting problems with water and we would like to cooperate in this matter,” the premier added.

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