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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by Tuktuk08, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Tuktuk08

    Tuktuk08 Member

    Okay, so this year will be my first year attending the gathering. I want to do everything that I can to make it the best it can be. Being my first year, though, idk how much I can really do.

    The end of last week I bought a bunch of hemp suplies, so I've been tying hemp over the week to get a start at doing my part.

    Idk if this picture will work, so if it doesn't ill just keep trying....this is what I've got done so far.......any other ideas from you for me would be awsome!!
  2. dormouse

    dormouse Member

    dig shitters, tote water, gather wood, litter patrol, assist delicate elderlies, the physically challenged and the child enburdened with their portage, donate food to kitchens and med supplies to CALM, take a turn at Front Gate, if A Camp is unruly offer to be protective escort to sisters and just otherwise be your beautiful helpful self.

    PS. that's some very lovely hempware. talented fingers!
  3. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    what the hell does making hemp necklaces have to do with doing your part at a gathering?

    do you plan on selling them all before you get there and donating the money to the magic hat? cause otherwise that doesnt do shit for the gathering.
    dormouse had much better suggestions on how you can do your part..

    "look everyone im doing my part by making necklaces".. lol WTF??
  4. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    Yeah, that was kind of my reaction.....but I was trying to think up something the kid could do, or stockpile over the winter, before I just laughed at his hemp doodads
  5. dormouse

    dormouse Member

    gee ... pholks, maybe he's crafting his hempware in order to kick start the vibe of the gathering for himself and/or intends them as gifts. it's his first gathering so how is he to know what is truly needful and what is just pleasant?
  6. kapalahead

    kapalahead Member

    Right dormouse - try a little tenderness there hippie & Wandering. I haven't been to a gathering, but I've been around and I'm guessing a good attitude and a willingness to see what's needed and to do something competent to make it happen will be good things to bring. In general it's good to do pleasant as well as needful things. Have a really good time Tuktuk.

    Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky-
  7. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    tender?? lol,ive never been known to camp at kiddie village..

    no but seriously, i agreed with dormouse on what contributing is all about,but i aint gonna pretend like another kid with a bag fulla hemp is what i consider contributing just to make him feel all warm an fuzzy inside..
  8. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    Where's the WUV?????

    This guy doesn't give up any personal info in his profile, but from scanning his posts, I gather that he's old enough to have a full time job, and doesn't live in the care of his parents....You driving your personal vehicle to the Gathering? Can you stockpile toilet paper? Show up with a vanload of TP, and you might well be treated like some kind of god. I'd advise AA batteries. They are still are useful, even with so many rechargeables and solar chargers out there. Buy an 8-pack every paycheck between now and the time you leave out, for CALM & ShantiSena radios.....hard to give any advice, when I know so little about his situation. Is he going to be in a big ol' Dodge van, or a Honda Accord? Maybe flying in and driving a rental from the closest airport? Hitching? Hopping a freight? TukTuk, help me out, I'm trying to be nice...
  9. Tuktuk08

    Tuktuk08 Member

    ive got a buick park ave.....and to all the haters out there, if your gunna hate just dont bother saying anything
  10. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    The hemp things will go good at trade circle, but you should bring a shovel, shitters are always needed somewhere!
  11. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    HHB's not a HATER, just trying less hard than me to be nice. Put new shocks on that Buick before you leave. And be prepared to replace them again after the Gathering, if you make more than one or two town runs. Roads into a Gathering are NOT known to friendly to vehicles with low ground clearance . And the front end...tie rods, ball joints, all that stuff....hope they are in good shape...You will be driving into TRUCK territory.
  12. dormouse

    dormouse Member

    ya know? i was thinking that maybe a hemp necklace could end up being needful. everything at gatherings aren't always sunshine and lollipops. sometimes there are fears and tears sadly sitting on the side of the path feeling alone and isolated in amid all the tye dyed merriment. one of those nicely made hemp thingies and a hug could lift a bowed head, smooth a furrowed brow or bring a smile to a quivering lip, be a little gift that says "don't cry. see? Tuktuk cares". yay for Tuktuk and his lovely handmade hemp thingies!
  13. Sunshine Al

    Sunshine Al Member

    [​IMG]Dormouse,nice way to look at things. Now if we could only get those two that have been around the Sun 44 & 45 times to look at the World in a more positive way,that would be nice. It must be something about those revolutions that bring negativity into your Lives. There is always a reason why, we just don't know what it is.
    But,I was also told that you need a negative cable on your car to get it started,but guess what? I'm not a car.
    Love & Peace, Al
  14. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    You don't want to overload that car....I'm thinking extra blankets & tarps. Food grade 5 gal buckets...first aid supplies.....yeah, toilet paper....lightweight bulky stuff....Extra socks!
  15. papabear

    papabear Member

    Bring your hemp, your Ganja, and your love. Let these Haters who know so much bring the rest. When you are there go to a kitchen and help out, cut wood, chop veggies, and spread the love you brought. See if you meet any of those Haters who were talking shit, you wont. All that other stuff is nice to bring no doubt, most importantly bring yourself.
  16. Tuktuk08

    Tuktuk08 Member

    Maybe I should think about taking a bus or something if the roads up there are that bad. I don't make enough money to keep fixing my car. i will bring as much as I can whether I drive or ride a bus.

    One more question tho, I was told that alot of trading and such went on since there's not money needed or whatever, which is pretty much the main reason i started tying the hemp....sooooo is that not true?
  17. dormouse

    dormouse Member

    Tuktuk, you might want to check and/or leave a request on the RideShare board at there might be gatherers in your area who will tote you and your stuff to the gathering if you can chip in on the price of gas. it's kinda early to be making arrangements right now tho.

    and yes, there is a Trading Circle at the gathering and i'm sure your nice hemp thingies will draw interest but Snickers bars will draw a crowd. lol
  18. Sunshine Al

    Sunshine Al Member

    My, oh My, worry,worry,worry. "Keep the Faith" You'll make it,if you want to. Many ways to get to a Rainbow Gathering. Let the Spirit guide you.
  19. Sunshine Al

    Sunshine Al Member

    Interesting Read: Effortless Action
    by Owen Waters

    The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tse ("Lay-OTE-say") gave
    teachings which were designed to confuse the conscious mind.
    The idea was that, when the conscious mind tires and gets out
    of the way, the seeker could discover the deeper truths within.

    Lao Tse is credited with the 2500 year-old work, the Tao Te
    Ching, which is full of apparent contradictions or paradoxes.
    He refers to the Tao (the "Dow") as that which is everything
    and yet nothing. What he means is that the Tao - the Absolute,
    the Isness, or Infinite Being - is the transcendent
    consciousness which is behind all manifestation. It is not the
    active manifestation of the created universe, but the original
    consciousness behind it. It is that which, in silence and
    unchanging perfection, always was and always will be. And yet,
    so the paradox goes, all of manifestation came from it and
    therefore is it.

    Similarly, he uses paradox to promote the philosophy of Wu Wei
    ("Woo Way") as the way of "action without action." Sounds
    impossible? That's the point. He wanted people to give up
    making logical sense of the idea and, instead, go within to
    find the truth behind the paradox.

    The principle of Wu Wei really means effortless action. The
    secret to achieving effortless action is to realize that there
    is a natural flow of influences at work in all parts of the
    universe. You sense the natural flow of the moment and act
    within that flow. If the moment is not right for a certain type
    of action, then the attuned person delays the task. When they
    sense that the right moment has arrived, then they act and
    easily accomplish the task.

    It can also mean not forcing a situation to be what it isn't.
    If a situation comes about which is beyond your control, then
    making the best of it is often the elegant solution.

    The saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again,"
    is attributed to the 14th Century Scottish king, Robert the
    Bruce. According to legend, he once took refuge in a cave,
    where he watched a spider trying to spin a web. It failed
    several times to make a connection from one area of the cave's
    roof to another, but each time it started all over again until
    it finally succeeded. People, today, take that saying to mean
    that if something doesn't work, you need to be obstinate and
    keep trying harder until you overcome all obstacles and
    eventually make it happen by sheer force of will.

    The Wu Wei approach to life is quite the opposite. It suggests
    that, if at first you don't succeed, there is a reason for it.
    It means that you are not acting with the natural flow of
    energy within that place and time and it may also mean that you
    need to discover a more suitable solution.

    First, take a deep breath, relax and step back from the
    situation. After that, you'll be able to judge it objectively
    and in a state of balance. Then:

    A) Decide if you're trying to force something into existence
    that shouldn't be, or

    B) Look for a better solution to achieve your objective,

    C) Wait for your innate sense of timing to feel right.

    One of the benefits of the spiritual consciousness which is
    emerging in the New Reality is the ability to sense the natural
    flow of universal influences and know when the time is right
    for certain types of action.
  20. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    god damn just cause someone thinks someone saying they are bringing a bunch of hemp and considers it "doing their part" aint "doin their part", dont mean they are hating anything..
    buncha thin skinned mother fuckers i tell you what..

    scuse the fuck outta me if i dont sugar coat things to keep from offending anyone.

    on second thought,, no dont.

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