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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Azura_Mist, May 25, 2004.

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    I have what you might call a pear-shaped body and I'm looking to tone it down and change my lifestyle. I'm already beginning to get unhealthy foods removed from my home and am making plans to exercise more often. Here's my exercise plan. I know everyone's different, but tell me if this sounds good to you:

    Crunches every morning and night. Four sets, 24 reps.

    Walking the dog a few times a week.

    I might join a gym to do a little more, but I have such a busy schedule that I need simple exercises like that. Just wanted to see if I was really doing as much as I should or not.
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    Sounds good so far. I would add yoga, too. It is an all over workout. You should prob. walk your dog everyday if you can. For about 30 min at least. You need to get your heart pumping hard! Don't kill yourself, though. Crunches are deceiving, if you do them incorrectly you risk hurting yourself, and they won't do you a lick of good.
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    its very simple

    1 only fruit in the mourning
    2 only veggies for lunch
    3 anything for dinner
    4 drink plenty of water
    5 take a couple of long walks every day.
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    I think I would starve!
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    yoga is a complete and balanced system. if you practice yoga you will not need anything else, tho' a good dog walk is always of benefit.

    in yoga there is a place for nearly everyone to begin, and you can continue to progress for the rest of your life. there is no limit to what you can do if you stick with it.

    proper diet/lifestyle is actually part of the way of yoga, tho' it is not necessarily vegetarian as some believe. everyone has a different goal, and different nutritional needs.

    there are many ideas about what constitutes an healthful diet and lifestyle. an excellent, universal guideline with food is to eat fresh, whole foods. and don't eat pork - it really is unclean! avoid processed foods like almost all baked goods, which contain refined flour, and avoid refined sugar, canned and frozen foods. remember, these are ideals - it is better to take baby steps at first when changing diet/lifestyle and keep on walking than try to run a marathon and give up right away.

    doing only crunches and walks is not a balanced approach, and could lead to back problems if that is all you do. but you've got the right spirit.

    Good luck, and many blessings to you!

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    [font=&quot]There is nothing wrong with eating canned, frozen or dried fruit or veg. Their nutritional content is almost identical to the fresh equivalent (and where there is a difference it is so small as to be negligible). Just so long as you are aware of how much additional sugar or salt is added. [​IMG]
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    sounds good but if your pear shaped you should try some hip exersizes to! After I had my kids I worked out like crazy and these hip exersizes worked:

    upper-leg lifts

    Lie on your side with the bottom leg bent.
    To work the outer thigh area, lift your upper leg towards a 45-degree
    angle. Again, make sure you don’t lift your leg too high.
    When lowering your leg, keep it just above the floor so you don’t
    rest between lifts. When one side gets tired, roll over and change

    lower-leg lifts
    Lie on your side with your head resting in your hand and the top
    leg resting on the ground in front of you. To work your inner
    thigh area, raise your lower leg off the floor towards a
    45-degree angle. Make sure you don't lift your leg too high.
    When you lower your leg, keep it just above the floor and avoid
    resting it between lifts. Roll over and work the other leg for
    the same amount of time.

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