Does much recycling take place in you area?

Discussion in 'Recycling' started by Spacer, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Spacer

    Spacer 'Enlighten yourself'

    In Ireland now everyone has a second bin for newspapers, cardboard etc and in the town I live in we have a recycling centre where you can bring old fridges etc to be disposed of properly, you can also bring any greenery (shrubs, grass, trees etc), you can also bring plastics and bottles to be recycled and loads of other stuff. In our house we try our best to recycle as much stuff as possible.
  2. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    we have recycling trashmen that come don't even need to separate the paper, metal, and just put anything recycleable in an orange plastic bin.
  3. my city we have the same thing. we used to have programs going around to schools teaching about it but i think that kinda dissolved. its a pity
  4. My city has a curbside recycling service for $2 a month. If you live in an apartment though, you have to take it to the center. To get rid of refridgerators. paint, etc. responsibly you have to pay or wait until the once yearly free drop-off day.I don't see many people recycling around here, and that makes me upset. It costs $2/month and its frickin easy!
  5. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    Standard-issue big black trash bin and standard-issue big blue recycling bin. Everyone has them. City ordinance, methinks. Big machines come and pick them up. They make loud hydraulic noises. Pickles.
  6. kindwoman

    kindwoman Sista Golden Hair

    I'm currently doing my community service at my local recycling center. I was amazed at the volume our small town recycles. I spent all day Friday sorting through the plastic, taking off lids, etc. It was amazing how much plastic I sorted through in one day alone. They also collect aluminum/tin, newspaper, glass, junk mail/magazines, greyboard/cardboard.
  7. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    THere is no recylcing in my area what so ever. nada. I live in the middle of nowhere, my mom was fussing how it should be and there isnt, I am glad I dont live in the city, but that can be a slight downside to living in the country. But the good outways the bad by far.
  8. balko

    balko Member

    Yup, it's kinda shitty but hey. Only bottles and plastics...

    My school does a kick ass job of it though. So proud of I will really use the paper towels in the bathroom since the big trash can there is for recylcing and there's a blue bin in every class room for it...the lunch people go through you trash to do it too. They recylce everything at CV.
  9. dedhead95

    dedhead95 The Wizard of Rhythm

    There's no paper recycling in our neighborhood, just bottles and plastics.
    But they do recycle paper in my school, although I still do see kids not putting in their used paper. :(
  10. RainbowCat

    RainbowCat Senior Member

    i dont know. i try to reduce, recycle, and reuse everything and my family tried to recycle big things, but i try to recycle as much as i can. my paretn allow single pieces of paper into the trash, but i try to fish them out and recycle them. oh, and it really sucks because we just got done iwth finals at school mso everyone was emptying their binder (and if i had brought a bag i would have brought it home to recylce), so thousands of papers probably got thrown away. but i convinced a person to let me tak her papers.
    so, i guys theres not relly much recycling
  11. Amanda's Shadow

    Amanda's Shadow Flower Child

    Only 1 and 2 plastics
    Corrugated Cardboard

    That's it.

    So many shampoos etc are 5 or 7 platics
  12. Hey everyone!
    I'm very lucky to have curbside recycling of paper, glass, plastic, and cans in my area. I cringe when I have to throw away something that could be recycled so I often come home with my soda cans and water bottles. And you can't get anything past my little sister. She's like the recycling police! Today we were at my Grandma's condo where they don't have recycling and she asked us to take out some trash, one bag of which was newspapers. So instead of heading to the dumpster, she took it right to the car. I've taught her well, haha! Another wonderful method of recycling is composting. All scraps from fruits and veggies as well as paper products such as cardboard toilet paper rolls and newspapers can be composted. Grass clippings, leaves, and weeds can all be composted as well. It makes a wonderful organic fertilizer for your garden and if the pile is constructed properly, contrary to popular belief, it won't smell bad. So maybe I'm a little obsessive about recycling, but every little bit counts! Oh yeah, and we also have an event once a year hosted by a local environmental group for the recycling and disposal of propane tanks, chemicals, and the like. I think these things are essential for any community to have.
    Happy recycling,
  13. KarmaComa

    KarmaComa Member

    In my town it is mandatory that you recycle. They have done away with all other trash dump. Everything you have, you must take the the recycling center.
  14. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    There is practically no recycling in Honduras.
  15. TheLizardQueen

    TheLizardQueen horny for knowledge

    Everyone in my school is too lazy to separate paper and cans and such, and all the recycling bins keep getting stolen:( But I try to play my part, I always recycle paper and cardboards and whatever bottles come into my house.
  16. CosmicCharlie

    CosmicCharlie Member

    I work every Saturday at a local recycling center. It is very interesting and it's something that makes me feel good too. You can check out the web site at
  17. Spacer

    Spacer 'Enlighten yourself'

    Glad to see other people are doing their bit and fair play hugs4hellokitty for training up your little sis! Fair play to CosmicCharlie, it must be nice to have a job like that, knowing you're making a difference.
  18. Love113

    Love113 Member

    My area used to have big recycling bins at all the local schools but they took most of them away. We do have a curbside service for our recycling now though, and they even give us our very own special green bins for it:)
  19. jamaica

    jamaica Member

    we have the bins for garbage, recycling and greenstuff and the hydraulic trucks but i think alot of people still toss instead of sorting. we can't toss or recycle glass anymore we have to take it to a central place. i don't drive so i find this a total pain in the ass. i have all this glass collecting until i can find someone to take me to rid of it. i also have nothing to compost for so i toss alot of veggies and stuff cuz i'm veg*n if i could compost my trash would be almost nil.
  20. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    YES:D I made an error in an earlier post, in response the the recycling is stupid thread.

    We have curbside pick up for some things, others we take to SEVERAL places to drop off, as we also have Recycle-It depots and our local Salvation Army store now takes most things.

    For those of you in Canada--look for a video titled "Hornby Island Recycles"

    Its only a half hour vid, but worth watching.

    We also havea "Free Store" at our local dump.

    And we are fortunate enough to still be allowed to have bonfires over winter when we have an accumulation of yard rubbish to get rid of.

    But most odds and ends of wood get burned in our heater, and we save a lot of newspaper for starting fires.

    Any of you who are brave enough-hop over to "SELF-SUFFICIENT-ISH.COM" they even have clothes patterns for recycling t-shirts into underwear.

    Just look out for a moderator called Headstrong-he's got it in for me and kicked me off there and out of the group on facebook!

    Happy Recycling:D

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