Does God love you?

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by Moon_Beam, Apr 29, 2007.

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    Do you think that you need to become a "certain person" for God to love you? I mean, I believe in God and know that Jesus is the way, although I feel that I have to change so much about who I am just to feel that I am loved by God. So I have started to pull away from God and just keep it all pushed aside!

    Is that how Christians are supposed to be? Do you need to be a kind of clone to have somewhere you belong??
  2. Jatom

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    I don't think that there is anything that you have to DO in order to be loved by God. His love is unconditional, it's not based on anything you have or will do.
  3. Yes, you have to do something....God hates sin unconditionally, and therefore sinners are unacceptable to him, and he will blast you to hell for eternity if you don't accept Jesus as savior, even though he loves you unconditionally!!??

    All part of the philosophical house of cards known as Christianity.
  4. Jatom

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    Brother Joseph, what do you suppose one must do in order to be loved by God? As far as Hell goes, God's love is not the condition on which one is or isn't sent to Hell. So that His love is or isn't conditional is of no relevance to whether or not one goes to Hell.
  5. Jatom, thanks for replying and glad you're still on the board. You and Alsharad are the level-headed and reasoned conservative Christian voices here.

    A reply...not appropriate for a one-liner, so it is forthcoming, but right now have some work to do that won't wait.

    Regarding my comment about Christian philosophy in wasn't meant as personal, and I can see you didn't take it that way. It was intended to be like lighting a firecracker...turn a head or two and get some talk started.
  6. The whole thing sounds silly and contrived and always did. God loves you and always will, but this Satan character will steal you away to hell if you don't do exactly what God wants? If sin is the path to Satan and homosexuals are born needed to sin to in order to gratify themselves (and feel well psychologically and ultimately physically), God created people who were born to go to hell. The only way they can avoid this gruesome fate is by living a repressed and miserable existence?

    That seems like such a primitive and limited belief system to me. More animal and dawrinistic (remove the undesirables, the weak) than spiritual. I don't believe that an all loving God would create a situation like that. For that logic to make any sense you would have to believe that homosexuals choose to be gay, which is a pretty far fetched and ignorant belief, and goes completely against our current scientific understanding of the universe.

    Gays are gays, they will never be satisfied by women, and weren't meant to be. This contrived and flawed philosophical system is interrupting the natural flow of people's energy. Mankind would be done a great service if Christianity were abolished completely. Not banned, but destroyed from the inside, revealed as the dangerous myth that it is.

    That is an opinionated thing to say and even rude, but politeness is secondary in importance to the awareness of the self in my book. Christianity works to prevent people from discovering their true selves (a necessary step to addressing this planet's problems), and is therefore harmful.

    I wish I could be more polite to Christians, and I'm sorry for any pain this post may bring to you Christians who have been polite to me on these forums, but I'm very passionate on the subject and this is a time to speak out against this institution that has been gathering far too much momentum in the last few decades. I envision a future where Christianity plays a more prominent role in our government, and it is a dark and oppressed state. Ultimately a roadblock to progress. It's a step back actually, to the belief of social darwinism. Of a limited animal existence where higher values and thoughts are supressed so that that we can continue churning out more offspring in an efficient and orderly fashion, never truly progressing into the beautiful creatures we were meant to be.

    I love and care about you all as fellow humans, but I think there is a better way, a superior belief system, that is more accepting of all people. A way of true unconditional love and understanding. One that comes from within, and does not adhere to any antiquated doctrine.

    Does God love you? Do you love yourself? There's you answer. You are the only God of your reality. Put down the rosary and look inwards, to realms of limitless potential.
  7. bring up good points, here and in other posts. As I replied to Jatom, I'd like to discuss, but no time right now.

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