Does anyone else cry super easily during movies?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by metro, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. metro

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    I hate it! At least when others are around, it's embarassing. I try to hold back, but the tears spill out. I was getting teased- "ya big softie, boo hoo"[​IMG]
    ...good-naturedly, but still. I hardly ever cry any other time. Does anyone else have trouble holding back the waterworks when a movie touches you emotionally?
  2. olhippie54

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    I cry at AT&T long distance commercials.
  3. sweatininthesouth

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    Yup, I cry during movies and I feel like such a weenie. I took my kids to see Shrek 2 tonight, and I got choked up and teary over a few parts. Maybe it's hormonal. Someday when my ovaries dry up and blow away, maybe I'll stop crying over animated movies and Hallmark card commercials.
  4. 7river

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    one time i went to see "all about my mother". something about the end just made me bust out crying. my date was crying too. we both left the theater crying never said a word to each other, walked aimlessly away from the theater for about 6 city blocks before we stoped hugged each other, and went in a nearby pub and proceeded to get drunk.

    i'm a softy, movies hit me hard...thats one reason i don't watch many:)
  5. alex714

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    oh it really depends on my mood
    i cried watching sleepless in seattle one night!! haha
    and i think when i watched finding nemo i got a little emotional..hehe
    but i used to cry a lot more in movies, not too much anymore.

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