does anybody know shit

Discussion in 'UK Music Forum' started by jackovgoesjacko, May 24, 2004.

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    you gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me. ok, heres the thing. i have a chance to buy this guitar for around 150 bucks and it is said to retail for 350. it is made by Maxtone guitars and is custom made with special features. I want to know if anyone knows shit about the playability, tone, and if this is a good guitar to invest in.

    I also, if anyone has a clue, would appreciate feedback on both the guitar companies of Cozart and Standell. Specifically, the Cozart EG-1280 model.

    THanks all
  2. bokonon

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    I've played guitar for years but I don't know shit about them. Haven't even heard of the company that knocked that thing up. But I do know electric guitars are designed to be played through amplifiers, that in mind I would never buy one which had its own speaker. Just seems wrong man :)

    Obviously you could be getting a really great deal, with me knowing nothing, I'd say wait for more replies naturally. But I'm pretty sure you could pick up something better at that price.
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    Never heard of those brands, maybe because I'm from the other side of the pond...

    To answer your post though, my stepson says I don't know shit. So I guess I can't help there either. He IS always right, after all. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    I can tell you to avoid First Act guitars, as well as Rogue. They only make good doorstops.

    Good luck in your search.
  4. Moonglow181

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    Funny title....and this thread is from 2004...but I just wanted to answer the title...No, I don't know shit.
  5. Rots in hell

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    I dont Know Shit about these "Zombie Thread Guitars " But if Jimmy Page or the guy out of Slipnot with The clown face starts playing one I might Buy a Chinese Knock off for about £100 They all sound the same not Plugged in and standing in front of a Mirror !!
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  6. morrow

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    That thing will most likely be sawdust now anyway, but hey, an old thread revived..a time when....I still had my dad, so thanks magic man.. :)
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    I've just got a (half) guitar for my 6 year old Granddaughter - she might not know shit at the moment, but I'm sure
    along her highway of discovery

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