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Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by Shocbomb, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Shocbomb

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    If any of you get showtime check out the documeantary American Drug War. I just got done watching it and it got me so pissed on how big a lie this War on drugs is. Its just unreal how much are goverment lies to us and wants to keep this war on drugs that has failed miserably going for only one reason, and that is its a huge cash cow for them. Man did that piss he off watching that.anyways its a great documentary that will have you thinking. It shows how much of the govement and its polocies are influenced buy the war on drugs and drug laws it makes.From the War on Terror,pharmacutical companys,Health Care,etc,It just made me sick.
  2. GAHeroinHead

    GAHeroinHead Member

    hey that might have been the one i recorded today..was it called the american drug war:the last white hope..or something like that..if so that was cool as shit..they showed drug use in amsterdam (by the way im dutch irish,,have family in adam) anyways they showed this black guy smokin crack right on the street..he was like this iz crack in amsterdam main haha..they give out free heroin in clinics to heroin movin there for real. they had ricky ross on there...bad ass an addict anyways so i love to see shows about the way did u catch that nat geo documentary on afghan heroin...afghan blaze yeaaaah! haha..they were weaving strands of raw heroin into persian shit though...peaz -J
  3. Guitar

    Guitar Senior Member

    i started watching it but fell asleep i'm gonna watch the rest soon, it seemed like a good truthful documentarty

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