Do you think dreams can predict the future?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by -Bev-, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. -Bev-

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    Because I keep having dreams that come true.
    But I also read something interesting on a website-
    That what you see in dreams comes from your mind piecing together little pieces of information while you sleep so this means that when you have a dream it's just your mind making sense out of what you already know.
    What does anyone else think?
  2. Moon_Beam

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    I don't think they can. I think it has to do with coincidence and unconsciously making what you dreamt about happen in real life. But then again there are telepathic views to it as well! Though I am not a big fan of that either!

    I am however a lover of Freud!! Who believed that dreams are our unconscious thoughts and although we are not aware of them, dreams pick them up! So it may seem as though the future is being predicted but it is really what we know, but don't know we know!! If that makes any sense!!

    Jung does say dreams do often show us paths we could take and potential dangers, so I guess a slight form of fortune telling!!

    Wow, I can ramble about psychology!!!
  3. White Feather

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    Well, there's your answer, no body else's opinion is necessary.

    Yes, my dreams many times tell me the future.
  4. VolcomStoner420

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    So life has already happened? Deja Voo has happened to me a ridiculous amount of times.
  5. enfys moon

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    i think they can.. i have dreams, and that same event occurs a few months later.. its like my brain is trying to prepare me for it...
  6. themnax

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    dreams can and do, show us many things. some of them are things that can later happen. some of them sometimes do. i don't know about anyone else's dreams, but mine never tell which of them will or when. rather i'll be going along in life and sometimes i'll be in a place or experience a sequence of events that i had previously witnessed in dreams. so that makes it a yes and no kind of thing.

    what it doesn't make them, mine anyway, all that useful as any sort of predicter. but it does reduce sometimes the emotional impact of these things if they had come as a complete surprise.

    of course my own dreams don't that often envolve other people, not even always myself as a phsical presence, but i do enjoy exploring new places and things, both in them and in life. and sometimes those places in my dreams, turn out to be something like real places in life. sometimes in a more pleasantly twisted way, but not so extremely so as to exceed credibility. just not always perfict corrisponding duplication either.

  7. Krsna Bhakti

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    My dreams tend to be abstract events that I interpret to be showing me what I am doing wrong, how unproper im living. Like, with insecurity to adversity, I had a dream where these monsters lived in a pool on my roof, and no one else was bothered by them except me. They didnt bite me or anything to terrible, but they followed me around and kept pushing me. Upon awakening I understood those monsters to be my problems, such as financial debt, relationship with my sons mother, and my self-doubt about where I am headed, and also the jealousy I was feeling to the others who seemed so care free and unaffected by the monsters/problems. Theses sorts of dreams help me change my future by preparing me, like others have said, and although I dont recall any dreams as having prediciting the future, I would not doubt that some people have such dreams, as reality is subjective in the first place, and different to everyones perception of their own reality. :) Sorry to be so undescriptive of my monsters dream, it was much more detailed but this isnt the proper thread.

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