Do you realise how much you can

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by voet, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. voet

    voet Member

    Do you realise how much freedom you have. not lik animals you can chose your nature, your believes your total life.
    You'r aloud to pick a flower , you'r aloud to love, you'r aloud to think what you want, how you want, you'r aloud to go dancing in the forest at night. This whole world full with humans who are aloud to do everything, becaus besides all the laws (not the nature laws) you can do anything ou want to do
    Do you realise of how much you'r capeable of? singing, dancing, thinking, speaking , having all different cultures, going in and out other worlds (if you believe in spiritual things)
    you can create a whole life, your own. You can manipulate other lifes, destroy others and create other.
    even one man, can make 1000 of people believe, one woman can give 4 newpeople to this world, who maybe one will save 2500 children.

    When you realise this, and think about it. doesn't it scare you, to know how much power you have?
  2. Crayola

    Crayola =)

    not really. but its nice to think of it
  3. voet

    voet Member

    You shoul. it's really nie, and really liberading.

    if everyone just realise how much one chose or desission can do to so mny other people.
    Like having a child, loving this person and not the other.
    to kil yourslf or not, to hate or to love.

    i' always get really happy when i think about this, also a feeling of resonsibility and a small fair crowls into my mind.
  4. Goatman88

    Goatman88 Member

    you should excercise your power of enrolling in an English class, Voet
  5. voet

    voet Member

    What do you mean?
  6. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    So besides all that stuff we can't do, we can do anything we want? hahaha, good one...

    But yeah, life isn't so bad when you look at it that way. We do have a lot of power, at least the power to live the lives of our choosing. Most people only realize this in a shallow way, so they go through the motions of society, though in their own shallow path.
  7. anyone who complains about language is an asshole, goatman 88,

    A < <
    A A > >
  8. damn that was my attempt at some ascii, Damn!
  9. mariecstasy

    mariecstasy Enchanted

    that was a really good post....we do have alot of power...absolutely...seems though so many are too focused on gaining more power and not with all their abilities to do good....but thanks for the thought...
  10. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    Yes, I have the freedom to hop on a bus & travel where ever I want in this country, I can work where I want, I can wear the type of clothes I like (not cover up head to toe like some countries) I listen to whatever music I like and I have the right to vote (in some countries women still can't vote)
  11. *~*Giggles*~*

    *~*Giggles*~* Member

    wow hmm i think ill try it.... *picks flower and smells it suddenly all u hear is sirens and 10 million cops tackle drea to ground* did u ever think about how many pigs it takes to take one man down?
  12. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    We do have such power.... I have come to notice, about the only thing holding me back is myself... Anything I set out to do undoubtedly works, assuming I make it so... So many people (myself included) spend too much time just thinking and talking of what they want to do, but if they would just actualy go do it, that's all it would take...
  13. *~*Giggles*~*

    *~*Giggles*~* Member

    i still wanna know about the whole piggy thing!
  14. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    what really amazes me if our power to change ourselfs...our situations...our reality. everyone of us was born into this dream, without any borders...rules...beliefs...or restrictions, exept for those we choose to accept and to live by. tim leary once said, "every reality is an opinion, and you create your own reality" its just unfortunate that most choose to accept the reality imposed on them by athorities or the majority, when the possibilities are endless. we're all gods in the crysalis (sp?) with the power to create...and that is power indeed.
  15. RoBoWaLkEr

    RoBoWaLkEr Member

    I think about this sometimes, and its a little depressing considering i spend most of my time (when I'm not at work) just sitting watching tv or something...carpe diem, dammit!

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