Do you live in London? Free art event and discussion about equality.

Discussion in 'Socialism' started by StephanieNicole, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Russian artist Petro Wodkins is coming to London with an original art happening. Among other projects, Wodkin is known for replacing the famous statue Manneken Pis in Brussels with a golden statue of his naked self. His work critizises the fact that people too often care about art only if it's author is famous. Wodkins wants to raise questions on how regular "non-fancy" people can access the contemporary art scene, and also problematize the very core of art. On Wednesday the 17th of July, a bus which will accommodate those who want to participate in Wodkin's unexpected exhibition in central London. Afterwards there will be a light dinner and a talk about equality, society and art for those who want to join in.

    If you feel like joining in and experiencing this exhibition please send an email to with your name, age and phone number to get more information.

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