do you like a band like sompeople like football teams

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by yohonis, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. yohonis

    yohonis Member

    I noticed at some shows people talk about bands liek there a fotball team or somthing. like bands conpete to almost throw the better shows. I dont know if anyone eles notices this but i have no team man. I like most of the bands. I think its kind lame to be closeminded and talk about a band liek widespread and say you have been with them sence the beguinning and wondering why people just start seeing there shows. Idk i hit every different show i can off all types of bands. I think thats how it should be. Idk if i make any sence but let me here your thoughts.
  2. i sorta know what you mean. seeing old shows doesn't mean you're having more fun at the current ones or that you have any more right to be there. just cuz you know when they last played a song does not make you a better fan. every show is different. that's the point. new people are necessary. enough said.
  3. MadScientist

    MadScientist Member

    What suprised me most about this thread is that someone dignified it with a response.
  4. MadScientist

    MadScientist Member

    O wait, I just did as well. The irony is killing me. I'm going to hell.
  5. solargarlic

    solargarlic Member

    "I dig music. I'M ON DRUGS!!!"
  6. drbeaker

    drbeaker Member

    Yea, I don't understand that band rivalry at all, particularly the sort of mutual disrespect between phish phans, and Spreadnecks, I Just don't get it. The bands aren't actually in any kind of rivalry, it seems to me that they all consider themselves friends and part of a larger community of musicians. I just don't get it.

    I personally don't think its worth it to dedicate yourself as a fan exclusively to one band these days (although if I was the age I am now 15-20 years ago I would probably be exclusively DEADicated), panic, moe., ekoostik hookah, keller, ymsb, sci, etc. are all bands worth checking out for many different reasons and there's hundreds more. Just keep an open mind I say.
  7. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    nope. I love moe. more than any other band, but that's because I just like it. not because I think they are better musicians than anyone else or the fans are cooler or anything of that sort. I like to see lots of bands and I would never turn down the opportunity to see anyone just because they had some rivalry with a band I like.

    I bet the musicians laugh about crap like that. Fans are weird.
  8. yohonis

    yohonis Member

    I deffinitl understand why some people are have a band favoite but i dont think its worht geting up tight about. I try too be as open to music as humanly possible. I told my buddy to burn me some conciouse hip hop just becasue I was close minded. I fucken love music. I dont care whos playen in my town im always up for seenin a good show. every time i have been a show out in chicago it become me new best show. Heads up for moe. tomarrow. then keller a few weeks later. CHICAGO MUSIC ROCKs!
  9. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    I understand it completely..

    I went to a indy w/ my parents for my birthday..and they ended up going to a colts game..and i decided i would go tale gatting w/ was my first time..i wanted to check out the scene..i'm not into football..but i figured what the hell..turns out I HAD A was a different kind of cult so to was so fun..we ate some great food, smoked, drank and had a great time...once the game began i went to my room..but that's like the show.u's so similar..

    i don't think some of the people are kewl..when they say theyve been touring around w/ say the dead for X amount of years..and they think they are better than u say cuz u just heard of that is fucking lame in my opinion...but it is a special thing to tour w/ bands...

    i like to hit up local shows..i'd never be a travilin tour kid..

    and btw..i'm excited for all the upcoming shows too..

    did u make it to the sound tribe show..i didn't...

    but like u is tomarrow...i'm gonna hit up kellar in indy next week..and possible in chicago too :) i am really excited....hey btw in lansing illinois..this sunday groovatron has an ALL AGES SHOW! hope to see u there..
  10. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    I hate people who are so obsessed with sports its all they do and think about. ONly cause almost all the people in my grade are liek that and their so immature and stupid. But then again, to them, all I care about is weed.
  11. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    The title cracked me up because I call the setlist quoting and note-by-note reviews "sports reporting."
    When I pitch stories I have to be clear that I don't do "sports reporting", but I will look up statistics.
    In a lot of ways the been here since 99 is a tribal bond...and you'll really hear it with tapers, bless their nerdy souls for spreading the love.
    I am always thrilled to find another oldtimer at shows, but I chase a vibe, not a band, so I have been in a LOT of early shows.
    Think of it as a high school reunion.

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