Do you have a routine?

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by sunshine74, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. sunshine74

    sunshine74 Member

    Does anybody have a certain routine they like to play out before masturbating? I like to get high, eat a snack, watch a little porn on the internet, get in the shower and then lube up my favorite toy and go at it. The water relaxes me and makes me feel more sexual. Plus the water hitting me in the right spot sometime makes me orgasm. Being high is just an added bonus because it makes everything feel more intense and I am able to relax easier if I want to do some anal stimulation.
    Anybody else?:D
  2. Rekno69

    Rekno69 Member

    I like to eat before i get high but anyways, get high find a nice porno on my favourite porn site and jack it to that. sometimes i get a toy out and go for alil anal action every now in again, it rocks my world.
  3. mrwankalot2

    mrwankalot2 Member

    dont reli have much of a routine. changes everytime but i guess my most frequent practise is to spend time on these forums and/or watch porn for about an hour or so then i just jack off over a porn video or some pictures
  4. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    First of all I check my inboxes on various Swinger Sites, such as Adult Friend Finder, because if I'm likely to be having a sexual encounter within the following 24 hours I like to try to hold back & not use up my resources unnecessarily.

    Then I read through these forums, which can sometimes add to the level of arousal.

    Then it's over to to see if I can find some decent clips - failing that, then I fall back on my own library.

    Throughout all this I will have been slowly working my penis over by way of masturbatory foreplay.

    Once I'm ready I will then usually take the caps off my FleshLight, lube it up, and get going - although occasionally I will keep to plain manual.
  5. does adult friend finder work?

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