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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by SLammon420, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. SLammon420

    SLammon420 Senior Member

    ...think about how your life would be without marijuana? Would it be signifigantly different?
  2. CreamPuffWar

    CreamPuffWar Member

    I'd be sober.
  3. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    not really. i'm still good 'ol me whether i drunk high or sober as a judge.
  4. aesther

    aesther Member

    i think this question needs to be asked after another one,

    which is,

    what/who do you identify yourself with?
    mind, body,
    activities, hobbies, personality traits

    combination of all of these?

    cuz during my usage of maryjane, i use it fairly often
    so i'm under the influence quite a bit, and when i'm not under the influence i suppose i'm still affected by it since there isn't many days that pass in between the next smoke.

    so i believe marijuana certainly alters my life significantly, starting from the activies/things i do(to an extent, i still do most of the same things i think i would've..but who knows??), to the way i look at life, to the way i react to situations, etc.

    i would say that is a large significant change due from miarjuana
    but, i believe that it's a good change, for otherwise i don't see why i'd use it as often as i do.
  5. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    id be very different. i think its ridiculous to try to imagine how we would be had any large lifestyle factor been different. any moment even. im very happy with the person i am but i mean its come with cons as well as pros, its all part of a changing life
  6. zeppelin kid

    zeppelin kid Member

    Yes I would say its relatively the same. Although I went through a period of derpression and low self esteem but I was also not smoking pot and when I started to smoke again my depression and self esteem got better slowly.
  7. KParker730

    KParker730 Member

    i would be the same... maybe not as happy all the time, but the same
  8. janedoe

    janedoe Member

    The people I'm with, affect me more than all the rest. That's just an extra bonus.
  9. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    i'd be drinking more, meh
  10. trailerparkboy

    trailerparkboy Heat Bag

    it would be different but i could handle it
  11. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

    I would be very different. Marijuana was a door to a new lifestyle for me.
  12. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    I would be a tree.
  13. Sezzy

    Sezzy Member

    ^^ and i would smoke you
  14. liz

    liz Member

    I'd be a black sheep. [​IMG] But yeah, I'd be a lot more bored as well. And I have to say my art has been much better since I started using, so it's affected essentially the most important parts of my life.
  15. I'd have a girlfriend....
    nah idnoi had a reputation as a pothead WAY before i ever smoked pot so socially I would be no different though when i cut back this year i did notice my grades were a little(not much) better. Might be related. they just went from like.. bs to b+'s
  16. heh.

    could i get a hit?
  17. SLammon420

    SLammon420 Senior Member

    same here.
  18. mellow

    mellow Eased

    I'm just me...I'm happy the way I am.
  19. SLammon420

    SLammon420 Senior Member

    I definitely think pot has affected me for the better, though. I'd be alot more stressed if I didn't smoke every now and then.
  20. SagaciousKJB2

    SagaciousKJB2 Member

    Well, before I started smoking cannabis, I was an emotional wreck, pained by anxiety and sleeping problems. Sometimes I'd be up for days at a time with insomnia-episodes, and during the days I'd be on the breaking-point constantly. There were actually times back then where I would black out from anxiety, furstration, anger, or just whatever. I was also EXTREMELY meticulous with everything I did, to the point of being OCD. I had to constantly check and re-check everything I did; that applies to everything. Turning the bathroom light off, making sure the fridge-door was shut.

    When I started smoking cannabis, the first thing that I saw go was my sleepless nights. There is no better sleep-aid than cannabis, just plain and simple. I've been on Ambien, Lunesta, and a number of generic narcotic-sleep medicines. They work, but not very well, and I always felt groggy the next morning; and when I'd build a tolerance, they wouldn't work anymore, so I had to wait a week to sleep again.

    With cannabis, I can just have a residual high, and still get right to bed when I want to; and I wake up more energized. That's a nice thing about not getting uber-baked; when you wake up, you actually feel wide awake. Or at least I did.

    Casually, I saw my OCD, and anxiety start to slip away. I think this probably had more to do with the fact I was actually getting sleep than with cannabis.

    So, in short, without cannabis, today I would probably be a nervous wreck, on the brink of snapping your neck, with a sleeping pill addiction.

    <3 Mary Jane

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