do you ever smoke a cigarette

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by lynsey, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. lynsey

    lynsey Banned

    after you just smoke a tiny bit and all of a sudden you feel inasnley stoned off your ass? It's so weird.
  2. carsick

    carsick Member

    do you mean the nicotine rush?


    Oh yeh, that happens to me sometimes. Once or twice it's happened and it was really powerful, more so than marijuana but it soon subsides. It happens more if I have one after a hangover though, for some bizarre reason.
  4. JamesR420

    JamesR420 Member

    me and my friends always get blazed and then have a newport, i find it just chills me out so im not acting so retarded, although i skip the port when we wanna tell jokes who do something i dont have the guts for when im chilled.
  5. angelfish

    angelfish Member

    We call it 'after-sesh' :D
  6. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    Cigarettes are a must when your high, atleast with me and my friends. We smoke like fucking chimneys.
  7. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    No, I stay away from the chemical laden cancer sticks.
  8. Zafoa

    Zafoa Member

    It is some stoner ritual my best friend and I have: smoke a bowl, smoke a cigarette. Every time. When we smoke with other people, they always comment; 'were with chrissy and taylor, its time for a cigarette'.
    i love newps too
  9. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Birthday girl

    I tried that one time, it did not work, after words I sounded like I hade a bad cold
  10. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    Just isn't worth the health risk, in my opinion. I'll keep smoking my weed, thank you :)
  11. i smoke cigs, and yes the health risks are no reason to start, however i can not stand the second hand smoke, anti-smoking retards who throw bull shit in my face and try to get me to stop so they can feel better about themselves, for those of you who have a problem with smoking just bite your lip when your with a smoker, because words can't beat a nicotine craving, so don;t even try.
  12. JamesR420

    JamesR420 Member

    i guess ud have to be a regular cig smoker to really get it. i smoked in 8th grade then quit over the summer then started back in 9th grade. im tryin to quit here soon tho, not cold turkey tho, im down to 7 a day right now and starting monday its 6 a day and just do it like that
  13. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    no ive never even physicaly touched a cig
  14. jimi420

    jimi420 Member

    i dont like cigs at all, but cigars are awesome!
  15. PokeSmot

    PokeSmot Member

    fuck yeah.

    if you're a regular smoker it doesn't really "getchya high" though.

    Unless its your first one of the day, and been awhile since the last.

    but yeah, with the "omg secondhand smoke thing, can you not smoke while i'm in your car?" It's like fuck you, its my car, you chose to ride in it, fucking deal with it.
  16. Stalkz

    Stalkz Member

    I know exactly what you mean. Its not the regular cigarette buzz either.

    I smoke a pack a day, and a lot of weed as well, but I still have no herb tolerance after four years, and sometimes when I only haev a little weed left I'll smoke it, feel not all that high, just a headchange. A few later I'll smoke a cigarette and its like O_O Whoa.
  17. EddieV1984

    EddieV1984 Member

    I have yet to see a real reason to smoke tobacco:sunglasse
  18. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    because its cool...i mean wizards and elves do it.
  19. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    i like smoking cigarettes after i smoke weed sometimes. im not a fiend when it comes to them though. Ill smaoke most of my pack but bum a few out too. Newport 100's will give you a good buzz though, but theyre strong as hell.
  20. LivingLegends

    LivingLegends Senior Member

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